Monday, January 19

Elegant Moment

Confession creates confidenceIt really does! When we admit our sin to God, it brings us closer to Him. That's a strengthening stance.

Humanly speaking, when I apologize to someone for any wrong doing, I feel liberated.

Sincerely saying to someone, "Forgive me," is golden behavior that frees us from the bondage of bad behavior.  

When you come clean before a Holy God and you realize that your existence points to glorifying Him with your whole life, it leaves no room for dark thoughts or living that points downwards rather than upwards.

As a Kingdom Woman, reach higher and enjoy the tall of respect. The position and purpose you have is a blueprint from God and indeed a special call on your life as a unique Kingdom woman. 

This post is another rambling from the pages of my book, Eternal Elegance. Just wrote "Divine Doodles" on a draft I have completed.

Doodles are captivating when the Designer is behind the flow of ink on the pages of a woman's journal. Always remember to keep your script sweet and leave the dirt out of your life and language. Come clean, then poise your pen and begin the journey of discovering words that breath and shine. There's enough dark in our world. We belong under a law of light that governs our thoughts and transcripts. Now write to ignite another's life.

Jesus called me to repentance last night and again this morning. "I hear you, Father! Forgive me for being a strong woman rather than your woman of strength this week."

A new business role in my life has uncovered more work than merely in my workplace.

James 5:16, called me to a clean up of dirt.

"Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

Like a gentle rain in my soul, God reminded me through my husband, of the superb effect that grace has on our Kingdom lives 

When we entreat the grace-giver, He guides us through our presenting and empowering.

God is always care-filled and kind. I want to reflect respect to all mankind. May I leave His indelible mark at the places I go and on the lives I reach.

Reaching beyond the four walls of our home and into a corporate setting, I invite the Holy Spirit to radiate through my life and language. I can only imagine the splendor as you move in the moments of this transforming decision for your own life.

Our words speak volumes in the quietness of God's completeness. The need to compete diminishes.

Let's Pray

You, Father, are the complete Saviour and true strength-giver. Thank you for healing the wrong in my week and the weak of my words. You displayed a dark spot in my heart ♥ The strong woman has no place in my life; she is totally unattractive and never entreating.

I am Your woman of strength.

Thank you for a friend's polished character and using her example to sharpen the rough edges on the stubborn stone of my soul. Thank you for melting the dross and uncovering my pride. Thank you for the irresistible You of my life.

Lord, You are the beautiful each day.

Your Deborah (Your Name), Amen

In the quietness of your own soul, I pray God has revealed the need for your moment of cleaning and confessing. Ask Him to speak to your heart and show you the displeasure of distancing yourself from Him.

He loves you and brilliance awaits you, Kingdom woman.

From the Heart of Deborah Choma

Christian Trainer | Conference Speaker

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