Thursday, August 21

A Thermostat Believer

Thursday August 21, 2008
Philippians 4
A ‘Thermostat Believer’ is one whose satisfaction is totally independent of any outside circumstances। We should not only be unaffected by them, but actually control the area surrounding us.
The antithesis is a ‘Thermometer Believer.' Their satisfaction is totally dependent on outside circumstances and will simply register the prevailing spiritual temperature.
Paul was a 100% Thermostat Believer!

Philippians 4 is described as Life’s Power Chapter. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13.

This power unifies vs.1-4 us as a believer;
“…be of the same mind in the Lord.” Vs.2
“…true yokefellow” Vs.3 – Greek translation is co-yoked, colleague.
“…laboured with me” Vs.3 – Greek translation is to strive together.
“…fellowlabourers…” Vs.3 – A helper, a fellow-laborer.

This power fortifies vs. 4-7 us as a believer;
In the English Dictionary, the word fortify means to make a place less susceptible to attack by building or creating defensive structures such as walls, ditches, or barricades.
“Rejoice in the Lord always…” Vs.4 – Rejoicing in God not only glorifies God – it replenishes our soul and strengthens our daily walk. Whilst our mindset is on rejoicing, our imaginations are aside. To rejoice in the Lord always, will strengthen our minds and build a defense structure against the devil’s attacks.
“The Lord is at hand.” Vs.5 – As our defender, the Lord is our wall of protection.
“…in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving…” Vs.6 the practice of prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving, creates peace in our lives. Peace is the companion of thanksgiving.
“…keep your hearts and minds” Vs.5 – The word “keep” here was used to describe someone or something which was carefully guarded by the elite Roman soldiers of Caesar’s Palace.

This power purifies vs.8, 9 us as a believer;
“…think on these things.” Vs.8 – To take inventory, to have a continual regard to or literally to “chew the cud.” We must build our lives by putting these things into practice – truth, honesty, justness, pureness, loveliness, and a good report.

This power satisfies vs.10-12 us as a believer;
“…therewith to be content.” Vs.11 – The word “content” is translated in Greek as being independent on others and whose sufficiency is not in self – but in God. Paul learned to be content – not complacent, CONTENT!

This power supplies vs.13-23 us as a believer;
“I can do all things…” Vs.13
Salvation – to be in Christ
Dedication – to live for Christ
Sanctification – to work through Christ
Consecration – to surrender to Christ
Glorification – to be with Christ

Paul ends this lovely epistle of joy with the following glorious reminder; “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

And, Jonah is still out to sea! I got so caught up with Paul; I am starting Jonah this evening.

I Love You,

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Leanne said...

What a great idea! After reading Phillipians 4 this morning I believe that, for this time in my life, it is my favorite Bible chapter. It is, for me, step by step instructions on allowing the Holy Spirit to control my emotions. In Jonah I ralised that when I am weary, God will give me the rest that He knows I need not necessarily what I think I need! A great comfort and this is a great idea.