Monday, January 19

Elegant Moment

Confession creates confidenceIt really does! When we admit our sin to God, it brings us closer to Him. That's a strengthening stance.

Humanly speaking, when I apologize to someone for any wrong doing, I feel liberated.

Sincerely saying to someone, "Forgive me," is golden behavior that frees us from the bondage of bad behavior.  

When you come clean before a Holy God and you realize that your existence points to glorifying Him with your whole life, it leaves no room for dark thoughts or living that points downwards rather than upwards.

As a Kingdom Woman, reach higher and enjoy the tall of respect. The position and purpose you have is a blueprint from God and indeed a special call on your life as a unique Kingdom woman. 

This post is another rambling from the pages of my book, Eternal Elegance. Just wrote "Divine Doodles" on a draft I have completed.

Doodles are captivating when the Designer is behind the flow of ink on the pages of a woman's journal. Always remember to keep your script sweet and leave the dirt out of your life and language. Come clean, then poise your pen and begin the journey of discovering words that breath and shine. There's enough dark in our world. We belong under a law of light that governs our thoughts and transcripts. Now write to ignite another's life.

Jesus called me to repentance last night and again this morning. "I hear you, Father! Forgive me for being a strong woman rather than your woman of strength this week."

A new business role in my life has uncovered more work than merely in my workplace.

James 5:16, called me to a clean up of dirt.

"Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

Like a gentle rain in my soul, God reminded me through my husband, of the superb effect that grace has on our Kingdom lives 

When we entreat the grace-giver, He guides us through our presenting and empowering.

God is always care-filled and kind. I want to reflect respect to all mankind. May I leave His indelible mark at the places I go and on the lives I reach.

Reaching beyond the four walls of our home and into a corporate setting, I invite the Holy Spirit to radiate through my life and language. I can only imagine the splendor as you move in the moments of this transforming decision for your own life.

Our words speak volumes in the quietness of God's completeness. The need to compete diminishes.

Let's Pray

You, Father, are the complete Saviour and true strength-giver. Thank you for healing the wrong in my week and the weak of my words. You displayed a dark spot in my heart ♥ The strong woman has no place in my life; she is totally unattractive and never entreating.

I am Your woman of strength.

Thank you for a friend's polished character and using her example to sharpen the rough edges on the stubborn stone of my soul. Thank you for melting the dross and uncovering my pride. Thank you for the irresistible You of my life.

Lord, You are the beautiful each day.

Your Deborah (Your Name), Amen

In the quietness of your own soul, I pray God has revealed the need for your moment of cleaning and confessing. Ask Him to speak to your heart and show you the displeasure of distancing yourself from Him.

He loves you and brilliance awaits you, Kingdom woman.

From the Heart of Deborah Choma

Christian Trainer | Conference Speaker

Thursday, January 15

Elegant View

Any outcome is God's good. God works with everything.

The only absolutes in life lay at the foot of an old rugged cross and on the pages of a Holy book called 'The Bible.'

I am building a business for someone from the ground up. Failure hinges on success over the next few weeks and months. I am at complete peace with knowing that if all goes well, I have job security. If not, I have God's security.

It's a win-win for me. Regardless of the outcome, I can never be a failure!

That's you too!

Your faith is stronger than you realize. As a Kingdom Woman, to some degree you have mirrored Christ throughout your life. If nothing else, you have suffered and now you serve other's on a deeper level.

Matthew 14:30, is a vast ocean of endless possibilities. ”But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.”

Are you sinking in sands of fear or frustration? There is always good holding the hand of bad.

Look over your stooped shoulder and say, "I have made it this far. Lord, save me! I am a wreck on the shore of suffering in this circumstance. Please show me the shoreline of a crystal ocean and shine in my life today.
"...Lord, save me."

Embrace your mind's worst because you have the best. You have Him!
Now tread the water of trying your patience. As you wait to see the outcome of any circumstance, fix your eyes on Jesus. Remove all doubt. He will gird your gaze as you shift focus and look at Him.

Peace is possible. In the moment of uncertainty, He always reaches out. God leads us into clear calm.

It is impossible for Abba Father to work against planned weather. He made everything and works with all elements of His handiwork.

His blueprint for your life is brilliant!

Be willing to release the grip of fear and frustration. Now accept uncertainty as His absolute for your day. Let go!

Embrace your mind's worst
because you have the best. You have Him.

His Word is a life jacket that guides us to a haven of truth. We always find peace when we anchor our souls in Scripture. You must read it. Survival is dependent on an appetite of God's Word.

Believe you will know His presence and power as you ride the worst wave in your mind's ocean today.

I know you will make it! Any outcome is God's good.

God has something amazing for you. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Your life is a masterpiece. The Creator adores you.

The worst day is often the best in a Kingdom Woman's life. Start believing the crystal clear of a Great God who has your good in His hand.

From the Heart of Deborah Choma

Christian Trainer | Conference Speaker

Friday, December 19

Elegant Light

Enjoying the extra time over Christmas and looking forward to festive food; hungry for God and eating chunks of truth from the banquet in my Bible.

Meditating on how God wrapped me up in love through my divorce many years ago and ignited a deep loving passion - a fresh appreciation of womanhood and the splendor of Scripture.

I embraced it all and learned how to love and forgive myself.

Then I added another chapter to my book. Think I'll call this "Elegant Light."

God's understanding and judgment are perfect! His stately process makes everything discernible. I know when I think less of myself than Holy God does, my phraseology is downward - on a lower hemisphere.

God dwells High.

He shone a notable dimension of an elegant light into the deep recesses of my heart this morning.

When I think elegance, objects come to mind.

Several weeks ago, I inherited a stunning chandelier removed from an exclusive hotel. Doesn't quite fit the shack, but it's perfect for our next home.

There is nothing compared to the magnificence of the Word of God. No light, however elegant, comes close to His glory.

In Gen 1:3, "God said."

His commanding presence through speech stood high on stilts.

Wow! It suddenly occurred to me that our mode of speech must be proper before God. When we are spiritually minded, it is evident through our self-talk and communication.

Scripture communicates adequate notions about The Creator and His creation.

Gen 1:4 "God saw."

God contemplates His work from the perception of excellence and nothing less.
His understanding and judgment are perfect.

The Father of light, Light of the world, light Giver; reminds me that the Creator of the 1st-Day of our world and the 1st Week of our world; is Creator of me and my world.

Nothing is displaced. I am filled, and indeed all Kingdom women, with His creative power and perfect placement.

His glory is on display when I think, speak, and share His superb love for mankind and His deep love for me personally.

What I think in the chambers of my heart must exude upwards toward His excellence and perfect presence.

When you doubt yourself, say what I do, "That's not the voice of truth. It's a lie! I trust you Lord. I believe in you Creator."

Others will be captivated with His light in you. That's the irresistible! That's the everlasting elegant light.

From A Heart Glowing For God's Glory.

Deborah Choma
Christian Trainer | Conference Speaker

Wednesday, December 3

Elegant Thoughts

"In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul." Psalm 94:19

May peace flood your heart today! It has mine.

Unrest is a test. Do we pray the price for anything? For the majority - I think not!

Our thoughts are just that – thoughts. They are rarely the voice of truth. We will never experience peace and an expected end unless we use a specific formula;

Pray more: Think less.

Driving home this morning, mulling over life, and thinking what would be…if I had done this or that; consumed with questions posed from circumstances I face that are unclear and in fact, unnerving.

How many thoughts pass through our minds in a single day or a single hour? Who can tell from where they come, or what laws link them together? How many of them have no connection with any that went before? How many of them tossed into our minds when we would avoid them? How many are vain and frivolous; how many are skeptical; how many are polluted and polluting? How many come into our mind undisclosed to our best friends?

How few of us would walk abroad if we were conscious that all whom we met looked into our heart and saw a mind map of all that passes there!

What a consolation it is, that they cannot see our thoughts!

What a world of confusion and embarrassment if, in the streets of a crowded city, we met our fellow man and the contents of our mind lay open on the pages of a thinker’s biography!

Yet, in the multitude of our thoughts - so empty, so foolish, so sinful, so vexing, so skeptical, so polluting - there are others.

There are thoughts of God, of Christ, of heaven, of hope, of faith, of love, of benevolence; a thought within us, when the divine promises come to the heart and the prospect of heaven warms the soul.

That is “Wow” warmth!

These thoughts give “comfort;” these fill the soul with “delight.” Happy we are when we find in our heart, midst the multitude of thoughts within us, those that pertain to God; to a higher life - to heaven.

It is here, in this moment, that you will uncover peace.

Elegant thinker – you will always have a haven at home, rest in your heart, and elegant thoughts fit for a Kingdom woman.

From the Heart of Deborah Choma

Christian Trainer | Conference Speaker

The Open Doors Institute