Thursday, December 18

The Gift of Words

This Christmas, I have dedicated a poem to my daughters.

As I impart my most tender thoughts, I pray they impress upon your own heart, and reveal the need for forgiveness – if need be!

“For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.” Psalm 86:5

When I first saw my baby daughter,
I stared at her in awe.
She looked so sweet and so petite,
She was like a precious doll.

Then I said, "It's okay Belinda,
You can touch her ... Take her hand,"
So she took Alison’s tiny hand in hers
And that's how it all began.

The day you took your first few steps,
You fell so many times,
I had to grab that little hand,
And hold it tight in mine.

When big enough to go to school,
Belinda sat with you on the bus,
She soothed your fears and dried your tears,
And told you it was fun for us.

Frequently I would speak to B,
And said, "Take your sister's hand,"
But there were times I must admit,
When it did not suit Belinda’s plans.

Though usually she came around,
And behaved as she was told,
The light within Alison’s eyes,
Would shine brighter then than gold.

When she learned to read and write,
And to divide and multiply,
Belinda helped her with all her tables,
And helped her memorize.

She showed her how to roller-skate,
And picked her up when she fell down,
When she told her only babies cried,
She bit her lip and skated on.

Through bad times and through good times,
Belinda was always there to take her hand,
Just as her Mother asked of her,
Though she did not always understand.

Every heartbreak - every joy,
Each occasion - plain or grand,
Belinda would reach out with tears or cheers,
And always ... always ... take your hand.

And for one last time she could take your hand,
Though not so much for Mama's sake,
But now ... 'cause she could understand...

... that when you hold your sister's hand,
Through all those years and all those times,
The truth will finally dawn on you,
She, too, was holding mine.

“Merry Christmas” my beautiful daughters. God bless you this season and fill your hearts with the Love of Christ – for Him, for each other---and for your mother. Don’t be angry with each other---for in the scale of life – it doesn’t really matter!

I Love you eternally my precious angels. No distance or disturbance will ever separate me from the love I hold in my heart for you both.

Missing You Horribly – Your Mother

Words are important to God and they can bring life into a saddened heart, encouragement to a hurting soul, or joy to a lonely lady.

When a name comes to mind, it is never I who thought of it. God prompts us through the Holy Ghost to do well unto others. I work on the attentiveness of God’s prompting in my own life. When a woman’s name comes to mind, I take time to write them a note of encouragement. That piece of the puzzle for another woman’s life is a divine appointment by God in our own life.

Our purpose in the mosaic of another’s life is important to God!

If you feel sorrow this Christmas, why don’t you write an encouraging note to a woman who will have her first Christmas devoid of her husband. Just as we hurt for various reasons, they’re hurting – and perhaps more so!

I Love You,

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