Monday, January 12


"Beware that thou forget not the LORD thy God..." Deuteronomy 8:11

I had such a sweet time with the Lord this morning---lots of reading, learning, and so very many tears washing down my face. What pierced my heart in particular was;

"Of the Rock that begat thee thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee." Deuteronomy 32:18

When I read this verse I sobbed like a baby and prayed that God would forgive me for being unmindful of Him. My Christianity, and to be sure my sense of self-worth, is so very far from God's opinion of me. God is not impressed! Just like the Israelites, I indulge my appetite all the time as if I have nothing to do but to make provision for my flesh and all that makes me happy.

I stand guilty, as we all do---for how little I know the Rock and how easily I forget. I stand guilty of the minor ways I allow "the Rock" to control my life, my conversation, and all that occupies my day. I am guilty of the ingratitude that exists, and the pride that presents a demise in my own mindfulness of God's holiness; P-R-I-D-E being the very cancer I battle with every day of my life.

God have mercy!

You are not alone with the heartaches of life; the marriages falling apart, your own personal struggles, people letting you down - and so forth! We all have struggles in our Christian life, and I am not exempt. But our Christianity must count for more than a focus on our own personal problems.

The struggles in our life are a trust test and a means of bringing God glory, and us to our knees. If we focus on the junk in our lives, the trial is wasted!

I want to spend more time with God and less time with me!

Our growth in the Christian life is a byproduct of reading our Bible. Our growth in the Christian life centers around the Bible, for it tells us about the Christ - the author of this Book. This Book tells us about the spirit of God and about our Father in Heaven. It tells us how to pray. It tells us how to have a good marriage. It tells us how to rear our family. It tells us how to handle our finances. It tells us how to get along with people. It tells us how to have the joy of the Lord. It tells us how to be happy.

What is destroying marriages, our family, child-rearing, and all areas in the life of a Christian woman is none other than an ignorance of this Book - God's Word. The ignorance lies in our own hearts!

Our preacher, Dr. Jack Schaap writes; "The only guaranteed way we have to make the right decisions in life, including what we should do for a profession, what college we should attend, whom we should marry, and the hundreds of other decision we will have to make, is to DAILY WALK WITH GOD.
Only God knows where we will wind up in life and how we will get there. If we stay close to Him, He will be sure our steps are ordered by Him. He will be our light to see the path. He will be our confidence, and He will be sure to help us start and finish our journey successfully."

My desire is to take my Christianity to the next level and that Christian women all over the world will lift their heads high above the meaningless mess, and dare to be different for the cause of Christ.
Does my own life magnify the difference between knowing and not knowing Christ? Or, does my life magnify a discrepancy between what God's Word promises and how I embrace and apply it to my own life? In other words, is the difference great enough for others to want to know God?

I Love You,

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