Wednesday, May 22

A Polished Professional

[Behind the Scenes]

Our lives are awesome! Is it easy? No! Are there heartaches? Yes! However, our lives are filled and overflowing with internal peace and joy.

I am not a great Christian. However, I work on being a good Christian every single day.

5 am: My morning starts with coffee and cuddles. Tucked under my pillow is a Bible in reach. I begin to open the pages and in the stillness of early morning, I sense His presence and pause for prayer;

"Lord, I hold you in my fingers and---
you hold me in your hand.
Thank you for this honor. Fill my cup today.
Cleanse me and create in me a new heart.
Carry me forward in the hours ahead.
By your power and presence, glide me
through home armed with poise and planning.
Whilst abroad, transfer wisdom onto my audience.

I need you---for these feet of clay and for my day.
I am honored to walk in the shoes of righteousness
and claim the victory that is mine in Christ Jesus." Amen

6:30 am: God cloaks me with the ability to do ALL and MORE.

Our God is no respecter of persons. He will do for you what He does for me. You need to believe and receive what you read.


Until next time, I leave you with a paraphrased statement from Dr. Brad Strand's Study Bible;

"You would not begin a journey without a road map to guide you. Why go through life without a road map of God's Word?" It simply makes no sense.



Anonymous said...

Deborah - you are a beautiful person and it shows. I'm inspired to start my day with a bible reading and a prayer. Thank you.
Evelyn xx

Evelyn Lundstrom

Deborah Choma said...

Dear Evelyn,

Your comment touched me from the top of my head to the deep recesses of a heart full of gratitude.

Thank You!


Deborah Choma

Patti said...

Wow Deborah! I am glad I clicked on this morning prayer! What a wonderful spirit you are! I am moved by your prayer.
YOU ARE AN ANGEL! I can't wait for our paths to cross.
You are blessed by God.
Patti Boulaye

Elements of Etiquette said...

Oh, Patti...I esteem you so much greater than the humble shoes that carry me along the humble paths I tread.

Yes, I would LOVE to meet you. In fact, my daughter lives in London with her husband. You never know...

Please, if you ever visit Chicago, you have a friend and a sister-in-Christ, to love and care for you.

I love you, Patti.

Gratefully Yours,

Deborah Choma