Tuesday, November 3

Tears In A Bottle

As a Christian woman who has suffered from depression, I write to encourage you; depression can visit us but it must never stay!

The Bible reminds us that "For such a time as this..." but never forever! Depression comes and then it must leave.

“Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?” Psalm 56:8

The following article was written and sent to the American Congress from a lady suffering from depression. She questioned the agenda of Psychiatrists and Pharmaceutical company's. This typifies the emptiness of what the world has to offer;

"Once upon a time I was the best Mother, friend, sister, and daughter anyone could possibly want or have. I was kind, I was patient, and I would do anything for anyone. I was even told by many that I was the funniest person they had ever known. Then severe anxiety and depression struck. I have been battling with it on and off for the past thirteen years. I can’t count the number of antidepressants I have been on and they would all work for a while and then they seemed to loose there affect so I would be put on another one and this has gone on over and over again. While they worked to a certain degree, they never truly bring you back to the real you, not to mention the many side effects. Depending on the antidepressant, you may get worse before you get better, you may become suicidal within the first couple of weeks of taking them. You have weight gain or they take your appetite away completely. Some make you angry and almost hostile. You loose your memory and can’t concentrate either from the medication or just depression itself. Most of them take away your emotions and your sex drive as does depression itself. So you may ask, why are you taking them? Well my doctor or psychiatrist told me to and who do you trust the most when you have an illness, who do you turn to for help? I have been hospitalized twice, had ECT and that did not help either. After ECT, I had to use Map quest to get to my dentist office; it takes your short term memory away and it takes a long time for it to come back. I have been to the Mood disorder clinic in Hamilton and seen a specialist in London at the psychiatric ward. Any suggestions or help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Much Appreciate...Cindy."

Satan's intension is to capture the mind and bring long-term instability. If he succeeds in this, generational victory can be almost guaranteed.

Do you want your children and grand babies to suffer from the tangled web of depression?

As a 'Generational Warrior' I have declared war on the world’s philosophy of depression in women. Our hope only comes from knowing who is in control. Embrace this as your daily mission statement and you will begin the pathway to peace. No longer will you be entrapped with fear and anxiety. Gone are the days when your past equates to your future. God has all your answers!

There are specific mental exercises which the Bible outlines for stability, which I have outlined:

Necessary Supplements for Depression

Prayer - He is the Creator of our brain. He numbers and knows intimately our thoughts; the garbage we believe about failure and hopelessness is documented by the Creator of our mind. “Thou tellest my wanderings…”

He positions our prayers like rose-petals between the pages of His book of remembrance. “…are they not in thy book?” Yes they are! When the volume is open at last, there will be a precious fragrance springing up from the pages. Your prayers are precious to Him!

Prayers are instantly noticed in Heaven.

Tears are the diamonds of Heaven. All your tears are the sparkle in His eyes.
As your tears fall He catches them. “…put thou my tears into thy bottle…” Do you remember the times you knelt down to your little one; crocodile tears flowing, tissue-in-hand, and you patted their eyes dry, wrapped them up in your arms, and you gently spoke these words - “There, there…it’s all right. Mommy is here!”

Jesus's love is greater. He kneels down beside us, His bottle in hand and as He catches your tears, He wraps you up in His loving arms and says - “Everything’s alright. The Comforter has come!”

Oh, blessed assurance, Jesus is mine, and He is yours if you will trust Him as your Saviour.

God loves to hear our prayers and He never forgets your words. “He forgetteth not the cry of the humble.” Psalm 9:12

Prayer is a haven to the shipwrecked woman, an anchor to us when we are sinking in the waves, a staff to the limbs as we totter, a mine of jewels when we are poor. He is a healer of diseases and our guardian of health.

Prayer secures the continuance of blessings and dissipates the clouds of our calamities.

He has no regard for when we are self-sufficient and pride-filled. He attends to a heart full of sorrow, he takes notice of quivering lips with agony, and deep groans. His heart is open to these specific ingredients.

He answers from the throne of grace!

A great Christian woman is merely a good Christian woman daily. She allows her schedule to create structure and security every day. She reads her Bible and she prays to God as part of her daily routine.

I have cried a whole bunch of tears for all the women I know gripped by depression. It suddenly occurred to me, that if my heart-strings are pulled for the lives of other women, how much more does Jesus plead with our Heavenly Father on your behalf? He's crazy about you!

You don't have to wait for the hurt to go away - We can have victory in the midst of our pain and be an overcomer of depression. As we resolve ourselves to follow the simple steps of a Christian woman's life, you will be restored.

Dear Father,

Forgive me for ignoring your wisdom for so long. Help my unbelief and shine your light of truth into my heart. Grant me your wisdom. You promise me that you not just hear my cries but that you catch each tear. Thank you for loving me so much. Step-by-step as I read your Word today, increase my knowledge and bless me with clear direction in my life. Please de-fragment the maze in my brain and refresh my spirit with your knowledge and truth. Place a hedge-of-protection around my thoughts and my home this day. I pray for strength as I take one day at a time.

As an act of obedience, I now offer my life as a living sacrifice to you; everything I allow myself to believe, to watch on television, to listen to through the radio or Internet, and the music that destroys purity in my soul. Give me the grace to be a good Christian lady and to overcome the torment that my thoughts create.

Father forgive me for placing trust in everything else but you. As I seek you daily, refresh and renew my spirit and fill my life with your promises. Bind Satan and remind him that my thinking will be Yours. I need you and I love you God.” Amen.

You are precious to God. He wants you whole.

From the Heart of Deborah Choma

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