Tuesday, January 3

Let Go!

It's great to be a 'giver' of ideas especially when it is validated with experience. As part of your journey, why don't you align yourself with a group of Believers' who love to let go of the bondage from past strongholds in their lives. This statement from a friend summarizes Bible Buddies so well - "A place to encourage, uplift, honor, and hold one another to the highest standards." I like this and if you're part of this group of thinkers, to be sure, I like you. Metaphors connect the dots that we often don't as we verbalize ideas and beliefs to others. If I can use a gardening metaphor, sowing seeds into the lives of others will always give you fruit. It's a Biblical principle set in stone. As we learn, we must sow learning into the life of another. It matters that we enrich our lives through learning. But what use is our life if we can't transfer what we have learned into the life of another person? You might as well be a cistern.

When I speak at a conference, I always use a metaphor. In addition, I introduce my session with a personal story that has directly affected me or someone else in my life. When we personalize what we are teaching it suddenly becomes very real to the listener. Quite often I'll make it fun.

During those indelible moments when I have captivated the audience, won their hearts, and gone onto a dynamic teaching session, I have used an unexpected introduction - an unusual or 'out of the box'  intro.

For instance, I was presenting to a group of 500 college girls. My speaking time was 20-minutes. The conference had been running for almost 5-hours (long, long, long), and the girls were hungry, tired, bored, and very restless. I ditched my presentation and came up with something totally spontaneous - same content but changed my props. This all occurred within moments of me being introduced as the second last speaker. 

I came on stage and walked the runway acting out a model who was showing off her outfit. Because I'm in my 50's, and because I played the part completely; fully absorbed in making it work...going 'all out' as the audience squealed with excitement at this unusual lady pretending that she had never experienced stardom before and couldn't wait to have the spotlight on her...THE ROOM WENT "OFF" - so to speak. 

It was so much fun! The girls were reignited and ready to learn. 

Before I put my pen down and now that I have your attention, this verse has become very real to me - "Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked. Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Rejoice in the LORD, ye righteous; and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness." Psalm 97:10-12

God's always giving isn't He? As if giving isn't enough, He continually advantages us. His light (truth) most certainly sets us free and what follows is unspeakable gladness.

As I reflect back on 2011, I'm incredibly grateful that God has brought me to America. Prior to this time, I have had no desire to stay.

The greatest lessons I have learned to date are:

1. Being content under any canopy of circumstances.
2. Gratitude for my very rich life.

In the context of these verses, being delivered for me represents being delivered from my discontentment. As I have clung to God and very much kept my home an oasis, I have spent huge chunks of time alone over these almost seven years. His Word has truly sown light and defined my self-pitying soul for what it was. With laser accuracy, He has shone clarity into the heart of the issue with Deborah.

The fruit is most definitely unspeakable gladness. In fact, until six months ago, and through my endeavors to be a godly woman, my lust for past wealth continued to haunt me. But alas, the shift has been in my focus and in what I now consider to be true riches.

Our success does not move of its own accord. I use to think it did. Our confidence and balance is validated when we give praise to whom it belongs. Praise very much belongs at the Throne. Seeds were sown by others along my foggy path, for which I also give praise and my heart in a deep appreciation.

Reader, if you knew what I came from then you would comprehend more fully the miracle for Deborah; unspeakable joy, unquenchable love, and continuing gratitude.

The miracle for Deborah is not in the circumstances changing, the miracle is in a heart change.

As the tears roll down my cheeks, it could only be HIM! Not even a jack hammer could of torn the layers that kept me from what God was trying to teach me. My lust for past wealth kept me in bondage and unknowingly put down my husband - my provider and protector. How deceptive our sin is.

Thank you for an ear to listen and perhaps a heart to understand just a little of the miracles carved within the walls of the Choma's Castle. My husband is truly my King and my hero. Very patiently, he is most definitely the beneficiary of God's handiwork.

We pivot our daily living on our walk with God, on the preaching, on wisdom transferred from the pulpit, and on a greater vision than what we could ever dream of.

Ladies, we don't need a makeover in 2012. Plug into God and leave the rest up to Him. He refines our total overall appearance from head to toe - and it shows! The more we grow in grace and in love, the more HE illuminates within us. I find this to be the most captivating aspect of a godly women.

Why don't you read more in 2012. The heart of my life is books. The heartbeat of my life is the Bible.

My favorite saying is this: “You are the same today you’ll be in five years except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read." In every turning point and crisis of my life, there’s always been a book that helped me think and see more clearly, a book that has kept me laughing, looking up, and a book that has kept my mouth shut.

What we learn ought to change the way we think enough to change the way we live - for Eternity's sake! - Quote by Deborah Choma Jan 2012

I love you.  

In Him,

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