Friday, January 4

Elements of Etiquette

Do you know what principles govern your own life? Do you have any? If you are reading this article, then learning and growing may be the formation of one such principle for you in 2013.

I have spent this past week pruning potential time wasters. After joining a dozen or so professional groups in 2012, I have eliminated the ones that are two steps from my passion. This has narrowed the field to a handful of choice fruit bearing groups. The ones I withdrew membership from did little more than surround me with more names and more notifications. In addition, I gave myself a heart check this week that required eliminating an unhealthy friendship. It has been tough. Yet, as I surround myself with like-minded individuals who seek to serve others and proliferate our society with grace and good manners, I know that the wounds of change will dissipate.  

I love to write. Moreover, I consider writing to be a sound principle. Stationery and letter writing add loveliness to life for all types of people in all types of situations. When you take the time to write a letter you take the time to share something genuine of yourself, which is not that common.

My very favorite part of each New Year is the week leading up to New Year's Eve and writing down my resolutions. Now I have my husband enjoying the tradition.

It is important to reevaluate things and set goals.

Like many of you, I like to improve my life and mature as I go along. It may surprise you that there are those who grow older but never wiser. Right or wrong, their mindset and their outlook go unchanged. Sad, really!

This blog pictures my life's dreams. The articles I write are a repertoire of experiences, quests, mistakes, and learning everything about anything to uncover truth. In essence, I saturate myself with the elements that resonate in the realm of that which is profound and life changing. It has the possibility of being interesting and understandable enough to experience encouragement, and who knows, I may have inspired greatness!

My life is fair and balanced, so if you are looking for something abstract and confusing, there are gazillions of sites for you to peruse. This is not one of them.

Elements of Etiquette is for professionals, colleagues, generations that follow behind, friends, retired scholars, new friends, and those with eclectic tendencies. For instance, did you know that people who lose their keys all the time are simply those who have something better on their mind?

Getting down to resolutions--high on my list, the one I worked on during the week leading up to New Year's Eve is my spiritual health. This includes increased reading time and expanded prayer time. Following closely in rank is my physical health. This includes walking at least five days a week and using the time to expand the prayer aspect of my spiritual health. So far, I have experienced the difference already. These elements are important to me because they produce the greatest results in all other areas of my life. This is an important principle to understand.

If you work forward from a solid foundation of principles, then across the field, your goals will materialize.

Under the precept of increased reading, there is a fundamental principle that governs how I spend my time, or in some cases, how we all have the potential to waste time. This first principle has taken me several years to construct.

Two Step Principle

"If the object of my attention is more than two steps away from my goals, I deflect the deterrent and focus on what I need to learn for the fulfillment of my goals only. This includes the books I read, the friends I spend time with, conversations, and potential distractions."

This principle has changed my life and provided me with the tools to achieve more than I imagined. It has also kept my mind from filling up with and focusing on unnecessary and often sabotaging information. I guard my spirit with detailed attention.

Have a purpose for your life. Once you define what that purpose is then whatever crosses your path in the form of information or inclination, ask yourself this question, “Is this website, book, blog, program, research, and so forth, more than two steps from my goal?" The principle will govern your decision.

Value your time! Number your days that you may apply your heart to wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

Together, our 2013 will be victorious! I will present you with a collection of principles that I have penned. Avid research, reading, praying and integrating, have produced priceless gems that I will make available to you. In fact, these principles will transform your own life. They are superior to anything I have ever known - a masterful collection of ancient truths.

As one who has studied for decades and prayerfully sought to uncover God's best for my life, I offer you to embrace your best life now!

Remember the ‘Two-Step.’ Apply this to how you socialize what you read, view, listen to, attend, and eat. Telephone wise, or any offerings of world-driven wisdom – test it all with the two-step principle.

A prophet named, Moses, prayed in Psalm 90:17 “…and establish thou the work of our hands.” The old man had seen his entire generation wandering aimlessly in the desert. For forty years, the Israelites had roamed, with no specific destination in sight.

Unless we are gripped by life’s brevity and place proper value on the time we have, no matter how long or short it is, we will never gain a wise heart.

Perfection is not necessary. We are all a work in progress. Progressing is paramount, one-step at a time.

I am excited to experience a fresh start to a New Year! My next article will provide you with an Element of Etiquette and a further principle to add to your own toolbox of skills. Like seeds in fertile soil, one day I hope you will use the 'Two Step' principle and experience the benefits of this superior fruit-bearing ingredient.

Until Then…x

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