Wednesday, July 17

Good Manners Revival

Two Steps to Revival

Step 1. Exercise your Heart

There was a time when I knew a woman who had undergone surgery. She was unable to function for a number of weeks. I wanted so much to prepare a meal, though; we were income less for some time and our reality was very difficult. Yet the woman’s concerns conquered this judgment. Praying and believing God would bless the intent, moved to a matter of waiting on Him. Therefore, it was with great anticipation that a blessing was to follow.

Several weeks passed. I kept the idea filed, rather than swept affright by our present needs and priorities.

The day arrived! The mail carrier delivered a card and inside was $80. A colleague merely moved in a way that one would define as Divine.

I drove to the store, filled my cart, and returned home to prepare and share.

The meal met a woman struggling to the door. With a beautiful smile, she welcomed me into her sweet home. We exchanged words and her unique story unfolded. As the conversation massaged my heart, I pondered the significance of a simple meal. A verse came to mind, “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Psalm 119:103

God’s love is tasteful, from our mouths to our hearts.

With each spoonful, I knew the woman in this true story would experience the love of God. Through an exercised heart, God met her need as He did mine, and we both tasted a love indescribably delicious.

Exercise your heart this week. Your problem or excuse is a mountain for God to scale, not you. You will never be too busy, too bankrupt, or too broken, to meet a great need. Simply open the door to your heart. God’s Word filters the light to enable you to “see” and consider that life is about others. You are unforgettable to God. Please, do not forget others.

Step 2. Exercise your Hands

Regularly embrace serving a struggling woman, and not yourself. Do not wait for the struggle to go away. It may never leave until you walk the other way. The woman’s need may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. The details matter little in proportion to a duty – a duty that matters greatly to God. We must nurture a sense of obligation toward helping others in a tangible way.

As a society, and indeed as a community of women, we have drifted far from our post.

Very few women make the sacrifice for someone else. If you wait for the right time, it may never arrive! The perfect time is the moment you say “Yes!” Your heart will move your hands. If I can do it, so can you!

The heart of the problem is a problem with the heart. We need each other and our world needs to see the salt seasoning all the time - good and bad, bright or dim.

If every Christian woman allowed the Word of God to penetrate their heart, then “How sweet are thy words unto my taste!” would become an endless supply for the needs of other women. “…yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” would be the gold standard of the new woman behind the numerous open doors.

Uncover the simple things in life that really do matter. Serving others never goes out of style.

Good manners are diminishing. You have the power to restore what lies in your heart and in reach of your fingertips.

The demise of helping women:
“One woman at a time, over time, busying her “self”

Revive and restore good manners: Kindness | Usefulness | Graciousness

We need it individually.
Our society needs it collectively.
Our next generation needs it desperately.

Deborah Choma

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