Monday, February 10

Heart Check

"Deborah, a flower doesn't bloom every day. It needs the right conditions and the bloom is often appreciated far more...after the gloom" - (a seed of wisdom deposited in my little girl's heart by my mother).

We all struggle with something.

I am reminded of His trusting grace today. I love how Hagar said, "Thou God seest me:" in Genesis 16:13

God's eyes are fixed on us; both in our "wow" and our wilderness. His presence alone steadies our soul.

"Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom: I am understanding; I have strength." Proverbs 8:14

In our Saviour, we are always safe.

Heart Check

♡ Counsel
♡ Sound Wisdom
♡ Understanding
♡ Strength

There is no greater comfort than The Comforter.

Beats biting our nails or bingeing on chocolate.

Enjoy your day!

From the heart of Deborah Choma
Corporate Trainer | Conference Speaker

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