Wednesday, August 20

Poised With Power

Ten years is a long time to wait for anything. As I turn to gaze figuratively at the artwork of a unique life; If I had to wait for God's direction, I would have waited longer.

Our world salutes individual men and women of God, who despite their despair, rise from the ashes and shine God's radiance with each stride.

How long have you been waiting for an answer from God?

We visited the County Fair recently. I wanted to sit with the cows and lick ice cream rather than stand in line with dozens of kids waiting to go on an insane stuck-to-a-wall upside down ride. Our son had different plans. Standing in line was easy. He would have waited all day.

Life has discomfort at times, but we must hang on tight and hang out right; walk with the right kind of people and exercise your spiritual muscles. Listen to the voice of truth and hush the lies that distract good judgment. Discrepancies disrupt good thinking.

Our talk and walk reflect our core beliefs. Refuse to allow your tongue and toes to leave a lineage of "The terrible twos." Be committed to a good attitude and an excellent spirit. God rewards us in proportion to our all-out commitment.

When it seems that God is silent, He is working behind the scenes with intent and completion.

Our King steps in when it will do the most good.

I have learned that when I don't see ahead, I must pull up my socks, put on my shoes, and step out in faith. We must seek God each day, asking Him alone for wisdom and strength.

Wake up with purpose and keep busy doing all you can. We learn to wait by waiting, and waiting, and then waiting. Patience is a virtue. You won't necessarily see or understand everything, but it doesn't equate to hopelessness. When we embrace the principle of speaking our heart to God and seeking Him for much needed wisdom and direction, we have poise with power - the same resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead.

We serve a living God who is in control every step of the way.

"...thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly." Matthew 6:6

Plan - Pray - Trust and Obey

God is our sustainer and provider. It is a misconception to think that we provide for our needs ourselves. Trust God daily to provide what He knows you need.

Few are willing to pay the price to be used by God in a great way. The price to be paid by any hero for God is long-term commitment.

Christianity is not measured in years;
Christianity is measured in decades.

God's will is worth everything and you are priceless. You have a calling on your life. Tune out from the ominous sounds of self-talk and society. Embrace your God-given life!

From the Heart of Deborah Choma
Christian Trainer | Conference Speaker

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