Friday, December 19

Elegant Light

Enjoying the extra time over Christmas and looking forward to festive food; hungry for God and eating chunks of truth from the banquet in my Bible.

Meditating on how God wrapped me up in love through my divorce many years ago and ignited a deep loving passion - a fresh appreciation of womanhood and the splendor of Scripture.

I embraced it all and learned how to love and forgive myself.

Then I added another chapter to my book. Think I'll call this "Elegant Light."

God's understanding and judgment are perfect! His stately process makes everything discernible. I know when I think less of myself than Holy God does, my phraseology is downward - on a lower hemisphere.

God dwells High.

He shone a notable dimension of an elegant light into the deep recesses of my heart this morning.

When I think elegance, objects come to mind.

Several weeks ago, I inherited a stunning chandelier removed from an exclusive hotel. Doesn't quite fit the shack, but it's perfect for our next home.

There is nothing compared to the magnificence of the Word of God. No light, however elegant, comes close to His glory.

In Gen 1:3, "God said."

His commanding presence through speech stood high on stilts.

Wow! It suddenly occurred to me that our mode of speech must be proper before God. When we are spiritually minded, it is evident through our self-talk and communication.

Scripture communicates adequate notions about The Creator and His creation.

Gen 1:4 "God saw."

God contemplates His work from the perception of excellence and nothing less.
His understanding and judgment are perfect.

The Father of light, Light of the world, light Giver; reminds me that the Creator of the 1st-Day of our world and the 1st Week of our world; is Creator of me and my world.

Nothing is displaced. I am filled, and indeed all Kingdom women, with His creative power and perfect placement.

His glory is on display when I think, speak, and share His superb love for mankind and His deep love for me personally.

What I think in the chambers of my heart must exude upwards toward His excellence and perfect presence.

When you doubt yourself, say what I do, "That's not the voice of truth. It's a lie! I trust you Lord. I believe in you Creator."

Others will be captivated with His light in you. That's the irresistible! That's the everlasting elegant light.

From A Heart Glowing For God's Glory.

Deborah Choma
Christian Trainer | Conference Speaker

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