Saturday, November 14

Wax or Wonder?

"For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light." Psalm 36:9

God is the uncreated source of light. Nothing comforts us more than the light of His Word. We form habits throughout our life and nothing removes and replaces with good, other than the light of His truth in our lives.

Each morning we wake at 3:45am. The coffee is made and the pages of our Bibles begin to rustle. My husband can read under the light of a lamp. I need the main light on to be able to see the words in my Bible. There have been times when I have lit a candle and held it over the Scriptures. Unfortunately, the wax dripped and I was left with a mess. A candle works better than no candle however, the poorer your vision the more light you require.

Light is the glory of life! Our life can be in the dark of misery and at times we would rather death than life. The Lord alone gives natural, intellectual, and spiritual life. He alone can make our life bright and lustrous and I pray His light will penetrate your heart today and you will experience His sacred beam.

The Bible tells us that the Word of God illuminates the truth. The truth about Christ. The truth about our life and purpose. The truth about the untruthful world’s philosophies. The truth about our mind and our heart. The truth about every aspect of living.

“I have chosen the way of truth: thy judgments have I laid before me.” Psalm 119:30

My lips will never tell the love of Christ to your heart. You can read my words but the light of understanding must come on. Jesus Himself speaks within us. Christ must be His own mirror!

Daily I ask God to grow my faith and give me the ability to understand His Word -“Just one ray from your throne Lord God. That would be better than the midday splendor of any one person’s wisdom! Please Lord - I need this.”

We can never see Him through the light of self. We ought to thank Him daily for the fullness of meaning in His wonderful Words. As we seek Him through our Bible reading and prayer, He will shine His light in our heaven of happiness and strengthen and comfort us. Are you feeling weak and weary? Ask Him to strengthen and confirm your eyes of understanding.

There have been countless times through prayer and supplication, that I have pleaded with God to shine His light onto my heavy spirit and bring me comfort.

"None can see my face and live..." we read this in Exodus but we ought to aspire to see this kind of glory in our own lives.

The light of nature is like a spark.
The light of the Gospel a lamp.
The light of grace a star – but…
The light of glory is Sun itself.

Light is the true knowledge of God. If you ever want to truly know God it must be through the medium of His Word. His Word is the grand standard by which we can obtain a true and saving knowledge of God. Fine-tune your opinion of life and view everything in God's light. Any other way of living is surviving under partial light.

There are those who will delight in the wax candles of superstition and the phosphorescence of corrupt philosophy but our faith needs to stand in the power of God. He is beauty for our eyes, music for our ears, honey for our taste, and full content and satisfaction for our desires - and all for Himself!

God is all in all in this world. "...with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light;" Not in the light of the sunshine. Not in the light of a candle but "in thy light," - the light of God Himself.

How sweet my happiness is when I derive my trust, hope, and strength from His living, breathing Word.

Our life - natural, mental, and spiritual - proceeds from God. It is sustained, restored, purified, and perfected by Him alone. In HIM our life dwells with permanency and from it our life flows freely with freshness, abundance and purity. Our lives must be offered each day as a living sacrifice.

I pray this prayer each morning, "Lord, today I offer my life to you as a living sacrifice. Everything I say and do; what my eyes look upon, what my ears listen to, what my hands touch, and the people I spend time with. Everything Lord - I offer everything! Please keep me consciously aware of the snares of the devil and place a hedge of protection around my sacrifice. Prick my soul when I loose focus and pull me back-on-track by your invisible threads. Shine a light on your glorious pathway to holy living. I adore you and I need you!” Amen

Weekly, God brings conviction in my heart and the spirit to change the things I can. Just this week I felt the rod of correction on my back and the staff of comfort in the chambers of my heart.

When we have a daily walk with God our lives never stay the same. His light reveals the truth and simultaneously illuminates our weaknesses and besetting sins. I love how His Word is activated by obedience. As we apply our hearts to knowledge; as we elevate His wisdom above our own and the worlds; as we diligently seek Him with a heart full of gratitude, then our lives become the sum total of our walk with God! Our lives mirror what captures our heart’s attention.

Through a daily walk with God I maintain a mind-set of allowing nothing to consume my day more than my walk with God and a growing knowledge of Him. Tomorrow, I will repeat this process and then the next day! Reading our Bibles and praying each day is in accordance to what the Scriptures teach. It aligns with Christ’s pattern of living and it highlights the Father’s will for our lives.

His Word is not patented for living - it’s proved for living the Christian life.

The root of my joy and my excellent spirit are directly linked to my relationship with God. We are not in this world merely to accomplish a certain amount of work but to be fashioned into strength and beauty of character. We would not be perplexed so often by the mysteries of our lives if we would embrace and apply this in our hearts.

Do you want to know what your purpose is? You are a mirror for His image.

When our backs go out of alignment, we pay a visit to the Chiropractor or Physical Therapist. Pain brings about change! Until we reach Heaven our lives will, from time to time, be out of Christian cadence. Don't wait for great pain in your life before you make wise choices.

May I remind you that a smart woman learns from her mistakes however, a wise woman learns from the mistakes of other women. After trying everything else under the sun, the most important ingredients in my life and a mix that maintains my Christianity and a healthy mind are as follows:
  1. Prayer and Bible - every day.
  2. Bible believing Church - every time the doors are open.
  3. Create a schedule - that runs your life.
  4. Be a blessing to others - every opportunity.
I love you,

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