Saturday, August 27

Words Have A Destiny

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” Proverbs 18:21

Words are wonderful! In the beginning God spoke our world into existence.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Genesis 1:3

God created everything with His words. He keeps His word - He gave us His only Son who died on a cross, that we may obtain forgiveness and Eternal life. God continues to keep His Word; powerfully, positively, precisely, perfectly.

A man may do a great deal of good or a great deal of hurt, both to others and to himself, according to the use he makes of his tongue.

Most recently, I was hurt deeply by words directed at me through an email. It came unexpected and figuratively speaking, I was hit across the head with a baseball bat – “Whack!” It hurt.

She had reached a verdict with her words. Her opening sentence was, “What’s the deal with not contacting me?” Strong accusation isn’t it? In her next statement, she accused my husband with the following words, “I know he doesn't like me!”

My initial response was, “Wow! If only she knew how busy my days were.” Not emailing was an oversight on my part, and not a deliberate act of neglecting a friendship.

Too often, we tend to have the wrong perspective. We draw conclusions from what we think is fact. The devil works on our mind. He loves to raise doubt, add confusion, and then stand on the sideline and watch our self-destructive ways.

Our flesh response is to defend our position. The next step comes as we retaliate with words. In the past, I would have had a word or two to say to my friend. But her behavior was a smoke screen. There was so much more behind her words and I knew she was hurting.

Because we walk in the flesh daily, we must press pause on what our flesh wants to do, and respond in the Spirit. When we trust Christ as our Saviour, the Holy Spirit dwells within us as our reflector or defector.

Staying yielded to the Spirit produces fruit. Our flesh cultivates nothing but strife and enmity.

There is a destiny attached to our words. The fate of what I say is under my control. Ladies – to your husband; do you speak words of encouragement each day? Are you building him with your words? What has your speech reflected in your conversation over the last week, or month; respect, admiration, love, acceptance?

It’s easy to think before we speak, when the bills are paid, the house is in perfect order, and the pressure is off. After all, don’t we put our best foot forward when we are trying to impress someone? Ouch! But when pressure is placed on us, “… for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.” Matthew 12:34b

The Bible tells us that, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9

Our words can do enormous good or catastrophic damage; to our husbands, our children, our parents, our family members, friends, and strangers. They can be life-giving or life-destroying. All too often we throw out words without thinking of their consequences.

God’s Word is filled with the right kind of words we should use and the right way to use them.

When our son was born, I would sing this song, “Oh be careful little mouth what you say….for the Father up above is looking down in love, oh be careful little mouth what you say.”

Oh be careful lovely ladies what you say. Are you ugly with your words? I’ve been in business, and I’m a mother. Both situations can be very stressful. As the Bible is full of truth, our mouth is a litmus test of what really is our core character. What comes out reveals how desperately wicked we truly are. The closer we get to God, the less we have to say. The closer we get to God’s Word and take on HIS wisdom the more we respond in the Spirit.

As a believer, we have the power to use our words for His glory or foolishly. He alone can motivate and enable us to speak words that give true life.

Be careful with your words. They have a destiny.

God loves you and so do I!


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