Tuesday, May 10

Sowing Seeds

"Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!" Psalm 107:8

My son and I had a most productive day yesterday. Instead of math and comprehension, I gave him a lesson in soil and seed management. Step by step, I took him through the stages of preparing, planning, and planting seeds.

We took all our collectibles (in the form of cardboard egg cartons), and for drainage purposes, pierced holes at the base of each compartment. Next, we transferred them outside onto a table, where we filled each compartment with seeding soil.

Caleb then pushed holes into the soil with a specific tool (a golf tee). I showed him how to refer to the planting depths, which were indicated on each seed packet.

With Old-fashioned Sweet Pea seeds in hand, he proceeded to sow them into each hole. Next, he sowed Organic Kale seeds. This whole process took 1-hour. We then transferred the egg cartons outside, where he hand-sprayed them until the soil was moist. We then slipped the cartons inside a zip lock bag, to create humidity and keep the moisture contained and back onto the seeds.

Then it was time to do the hard thing! We have a 110-sq.ft area behind our cottage. This lays dormant during the winter months and is transformed into a vegetable garden in Spring. During the month of April and the beginning of May, we weed and aerate this area, ready for planting. It's hard work!

Sowing seeds is an achievable process, even for a 7-year old. With the help of others,' it's easy to do. I have transferred knowledge onto my son, and now I'm transferring responsibility onto him. If he does not keep the seeds moist, they will never germinate. If they germinate, begin to grow, and he never transplants them into the vegetable garden, they will not reach their full potential. In fact, they will become root bound and eventually die. The initial sowing will all be in vain, if we fail to follow through and finish what we started.

Everything in life has a spiritual application.

The Christian life is a whole lot like my garden. There are times in our walk, when our lives get choaked with the weeds of pride and iniquity. If I left the weeds in my garden, I would not have cultivated and good conditions for planting new seedlings. In other words, if we don't allow God to weed pride out of our life, we will never grow or bear fruit.

Every step in the Believer's life is for a greater purpose. You may not see progress, but faithfulness in reading our Bible, and in a prayer life that is being developed all the time - will bear fruit.

God is able to use us to our full potential, if we stay yielded to Him. When we humbly seek Him, He delivers us.

Is there something you need delivering from? Have you been in a cycle of depression for many years?

Every day, I seek God and ask Him for wisdom, which in turn, enters my home without fail. I would encourage you, over the next 40-days, to read and re-read Psalm 107. Keep a journal, and prior to reading this specific chapter, pray this prayer;

"Father, Jehovah - I invite you into my heart today. As I read your Words, I pray that you will bring healing into my life. Deliver me from the bondage of pride and iniquity. May your truth shed light in all my secret thoughts. Show me your ways Lord, and teach me how to praise you for your goodness. Show me your wonderful works.

The Bible says that my heart is deceitfully wicked and that even I cannot know or understand my ways. I don't understand myself Lord; my ways, my thoughts, my motives, my fears. But only you know my heart!

I invite you into those deep, secret places, to bring healing and restoration.

"I can do all things..." through you alone Lord! Please show your wonderful works through me, that others' may observe the changes in me, and shall understand more fully your lovingkindness.

Help me to humbly seek you, and deliver me from my iniquity. Give me the grace and strength to complain less, and praise you more. Help me to see the hand of God in all things, including my affliction.

Oh praise you Lord for your goodness, and for your wonderful works!

You breathed everything into existence, and my own life is meaningless and fruitless without you.

Send your Word into my heart today, and heal me. Deliver me from anything that would destroy your great work in me." - Amen

Pray this prayer prior to reading Psalm 107 - for 40-days straight. Allow no provision for failure. Keep a journal, and write God thoughts each day.

There is no one but self that keeps us from moving on in life. When we all get to the judgment seat of Christ, there will be no finger pointing. We will individually be accountable for what we did and did not do in this life. There will be no excuses! There will be no one to blame for our pride!

Are you sowing seeds of righteousness in your life and the life of your children? Are you transferring wisdom from God's precious Word to your children and grandchildren? Is your own life choked with the weeds of pride, bitterness, and contention?

Allow God to expose those things in your life that stop you from moving on, growing, and doing for others.

God has great plans for us all!

I love you and I believe in you,

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