Tuesday, April 9

A Woman's Origin

I am passionate for the cause
of uncovering the lies
women believe in our society

As a Kingdom woman, I am resolved to stand in the truth of God’s Word and raise the veil of a woman’s origin and beauty.

Everything I write is original in its content. I spend hours studying the Scriptures and praying fervently for a fire to continue burning in my heart. I pray for a light to ignite in the hearts of women and I pray for hope in your heart today.
We have everything we need as women. Now to uncover what we already have.

A light shines brightly in this darkened world when our position as a lady is reclaimed in His name.

For the most part, women are in bondage to the lies they feed on.

As daughters, sisters, or wives, the complexity of home life will be a reflex of your own conduct and character. Women have a very important position in the social fabric of our society. Proportionately speaking, the moral and spiritual tone is determined more by a woman’s character and influence.
She is simply around on the ground of where the sprouts are popping up.

The carving of character in the wood of our next generation begins with a mother's influence. Allow these facts to weigh with you as a motive in seeking the grace of God, without which, we will never fulfill our purpose admirably.

"I am not sure who I am or what I should be. I have lost my identity as a woman." This is a myth. Regardless of what you have been through, it is not the voice of truth.

We are polished daughters perpetuating an image that rests I the knowledge and reflects in the mirror of a true God. By creed, we are splendor. We are maids of honor in the palace of The King.

During the early hours of this morning, a verse from the Psalms resonated in my soul. As I began to dig deeper, another piece to a woman’s world was discovered.

The verse that I read depicts ancient architecture, “..:that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:”

I have an interest in architecture. It fascinates me. In fact, I had a business in Australia that designed and supplied to the Landscape Architectural Industry.

The history behind the images in this verse are structurally significant. Ancient buildings concealed the foundational stones. Out of necessity, the stones in the mid wall of the building were enclosed. The stones on the surface of a wall were visible, but they were not distinguished. The cornerstones of these magnificent buildings were prominent and eminent.

Located at the angle of the structure where two walls met and mounted on the top of the walls and indeed what attracted the focal attention, were the richly ornaented and polished stones.

Psalm 144:12 is a prayer of David, that the daughters of that day might make an open and lovely profession of their creed. “..:that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:”

The light came on for me. Truth is synonymous with us lifting a stone, uncovering our foundation, and building our future palace. Immediately, I penned this statement;
This exact element of doctrine perpetuates our existence as women, "polished after the similitude of a palace."

For one to understand the application of this verse, one must understand the beautiful noun, similitude. The Hebrew language renders this well; by implication and resemblance; patterned in form and likeness.

Quite simply, this blueprint of a woman is available to everyone alike. God made us in His image and we have His image to perpetuate. We all have a story just as we all have a past. What matters, is that in the eye's of God we are priceless. The filters that cover our eyes must adjust to God's view. This will change the perspective we have of ourselves.

For change to occur, one must accept they have drifted from the garden of God’s best for their life. When we bend our knee and declare our affairs, He can begin the transformation that takes place in the deep recesses of our heart.

Beauty begins at the cross and when we bury our bad thinking.

We must break, before God can make. His image is superior to any image we compare ourselves to.

Our Part
Essential ABC’s for  beauty:
  • Be rooted in Christ
  • Be nourished daily from the Word of God
  • Obtain the dews of divine grace through prayer
  • Be accountable for the God appointed purpose of your existence
God’s Part
Transforming beauty by:
  • Yielding ourselves to God
  • Christ dwelling in our heart
  • Becoming living stones; polished stones under the workmanship of the Holy Spirit
I sincerely pray that your heart has been encouraged through this article.

Until next time,
“The making of character in our generation, is the molding of character in our next generation.”

Reflect the beauty that you are.

From the Heart of Deborah Choma
Authentic Christian Presence | 365

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