Saturday, April 20

Etiquette of Words

If you have never grown up in a teaching environment where character was developed from an early age, then I encourage you with this - it is never too late! In fact, we are all a work in progress.

The effects of character training are immediate and long lasting for every individual at any age.

Where do we start?

We start with developing our character. A lady with character will choose her words wisely.

What do your words reflect?
Are you sincere and straightforward in your conversation? 

The tongue is both a sword and a bow, which has the ability to shoot arrows of bitter words. When you are speaking to someone or about someone, your words should be kind and considerate at all times. Upright conversation excludes, includes, and achieves.

✔ Our conversation must exclude bad language, cynicism, and criticism.

✔ Our conversation must include a motive, an object, good language, and action.

✔ Our conversation is to achieve respect like a pillar and provide support like a column.

Words should adorn you with loveliness.
Your words should illuminate beauty not beast.

Until next time...our words matter. Choose them wisely.

"A lady never uses profane language or fruitless discussions. Rather, she cultivates the beauty of speech. Her manners reflect her position" © Deborah Choma

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