Friday, April 26

Text Etiquette

Did you get my text? A question asked by many and the solution is simple.

Not responding to a person’s text
message is one of the most common
etiquette faux pas. Unfortunately, most individuals do not think it necessary to acknowledge receipt of a text message. 

However, it is the polite thing to do.

Guideline for text:

✔ Keep text simple. No drama or bad news
✔ Texts are preludes or follow-ups to conversation.
✔ Keep to 160 characters otherwise call or send email
✔ Respond quickly and politely
✔ Acknowledge text messages
✔ Never ignore a text message. It is impolite
✔ “You’re Welcome” or “My pleasure” follow all “Thank You” texts
✔ Be clear and concise
✔ No offensive language or threats
✔ Include your name in a text if the recipient isn't a regular contact
✔ Respond to text within 24-hours of receipt
✔ Do not share a person’s number unless authorized to do so
✔ Do not text condolence or bad news
✔ Call if you need an urgent response
✔ Do not send pictures to others without prior permission
✔ If you are unclear then simply call the person
✔ Remember, not everyone has a text option. Check first
✔ Be kind in your wording. Texts often read abrupt
✔ “Let me get back to you” is better than ignoring
✔ Do not text in the presence of others. It is impolite
✔ It is best not to use text lingo or shorthand
✔ Use discretion after hours. Will the beep wake someone?
✔ Absolutely no text while driving

Until next overly kind with text messages. If you use this principle, you cannot go wrong.


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