Tuesday, April 16

✔ Unsubscribe = More Time For Manners

Dip your toes in the water of wisdom and "Unsubscribe" from unnecessary email.

I took charge this morning and spent a good hour in my ocean of email. It felt great to visit the shoreline of subscriptions and toss the contents I did not need.

Recharge by taking charge! 

Consider creating more time in your day by removing the distractions of unnecessary email. Some subscriptions are good and the content is worth reading. Unfortunately, the majority waste our "Inbox" space and time.

I read an interesting Inc.com article written by Geoffrey James this morning. Basically it said, if you have something to say use less words to get your point across.

Words to live by in writing as well as in spoken communications:

Rule No. 1: Get to the Point | Inc.com | I like that! 

Whilst getting to the point is a good exercise, it does not validate your being unkind or impolite. There needs to be a balance of communication vs. application. Email is not the time for detailed information on the happenings of your day. You do not have the time and unfortunately the recipient does not have the time it takes to read your lengthy email.

We all need to polish our vocabulary. If you are a frustrated communicator (like I was), try keeping a journal and perfect your communicating. It will help you to eliminate half of the jargon.

In saying this, I was a wordy writer until I was kindly told precisely this, "Your articles are too wordy, Deborah." They used more tact.

What we say  is heard another way. My pride was hurt but I soon dusted myself off and embraced the challenge of Getting to the point.

I am thankful for being told something worth listening to. Since then, my writing has uncovered an 25,000 reader audience. Amazing!

Until next time--create more time in your day for what really matters.


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