Monday, April 15


Little tweaks in our life create big changes.

I have embraced change through two such tweaks. My weekends are now gadget free. I embrace the moment of being together. Otherwise, it is easy for “important” email and messages to tug on the attention of what I value the most--face-to-face interaction with family.

The second tweak is the Smartphone. It stays off until priorities are complete. Discipline is good for one’s character.

Gadgets are grooming our next generation into being socially awkward.

Our society is acutely perceptive in social media usage and unaware of the decline in polite conversations and face-to-face interactions.

If you work for a company or an individual business owner, set the example through your considerate and respectful use of social media sites. Remember not to abuse your freedom. Give yourself just a few minutes to check your personal sites. In addition, if you must use social media during work time, here are more tips for good etiquette.

Some workplaces will totally discourage the use of social media during work hours by banning certain social media sites. Meanwhile some companies allow the responsible use of the Internet, giving its employees a certain level of freedom. In my opinion, this is never a good policy. I am yet to meet a disciplined user of social media.

Etiquette Tips

  • First, a job is more important than social media. Your Pinterest site will not pay the bills. Keep your priorities above board and demonstrate consistent dedication to your work. After all, spending too much time on social media reflects badly on your performance.
  • Next, always attend to the telephone and email first. Those are your required concerns. Despite all technological advancements, we still send important and professional messages by email. Likewise, business matters should be kept away from social media. Keep work protocols in check and answer the way a professional should.
  • Keep the lines between personal and professional clear. As easy as it may be to confirm a meeting by contacting your client over Facebook, this is a big no.
  • Do not call in sick by sending a tweet or an online message.
  • Social media is a responsibility more than a luxury. Use it wisely.
  • It is important to set an example. What needs to define us from the crowd is our discipline and character.
You will see that online etiquette pays off in the end and can even land you that promotion you have been wanting.

Let all things be done decently and in order.” 1 Corinthians 14:40

Social media is a huge distraction. A decent employee is polite and honest. The Spirit of Christ can never contradict itself. As a Christian, are you being spirit-filled and led in your social media usage?

Until next time...value looking at someone's face and the authentic smile.


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