Friday, May 24

Professionally Demolished - Eternally Polished

Crushed men and women often discover a distinctive aroma, just like the audience of a woman noted in the Bible for her willingness to take extraordinary lengths through extravagance.

She had in her possession an alabaster box full of Nard,
a perfumed ointment, 
in the Year AD 32 $40-$45. 
Today, AD 2013, the same perfume retails for $30,000-40,000 depending on your location.

Back in Sydney, Australia, I had a business in the Landscape Architectural industry. Stones selected to hone were never whole. They were first broken to reveal their core beauty. Then, this element of beauty was polished.

What is my point?

A stonemason must demolish before he can polish. Our old ways must break to make way for 'The Rock' to shine.


True beauty comes from an Eternal source,
The Rock - our Lord and Saviour.

Please, stop looking in the mirror of a world that offers nothing more than a cheap version of extravagance. As a Christian woman, you are extraordinary! Let the light of God's Word resonate. He will provide you with an unforgettable aroma that simply increases with value over time.

Be careful, Satan appeals to "my rights" [pride].
God makes an appeal and deals with "our wrongs" [pride].

Wipe your tears. Honing always hurts. However, on any given layer there is an end to the process of polishing. Focus on your core value and be patient. Developing a specific design takes time as it merely separates a stone to reveal the inner elements.

Do you remember the verse "...daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace?"

Who lives in a palace?

✔ The King
✔ His Queen
✔ The daughter, a Princess
 A spider or two

I leave you with this:

If God informs us that we are His daughters [corner stones; polished; the feature in a palace]; then why would you imitate anything less?

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