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Chubby Executives

This article is not a campaign designed to pick on chubby men and women. The purpose is for us all to link and learn.

Overeating reflects a lack of discipline. Get your mouth around this truth and you will begin the journey of healing and being accountable for your actions.

Let's be practical. Gaining weight is easy. Losing weight is tough. However, regardless of our status or excuse, we can always do more.

At the end of last year and after numerous spouts of frustration, I decided it was time to face facts.

5-Fat Facts
  • Gained weight
  • Intake exceeded takeout
  • Mirrors don't lie
  • Hurt health
  • Self-conscious

Unless you have a medical condition or disability, then perhaps it is your turn to take a reality check.

Overeating = Overindulgence

Proverbs 23:2 says, "And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite."

This verse brings back childhood memories. I have a twin brother and we are two of eight children. We were all slender. We had a wonderful father who took every opportunity to teach and train us in the various disciplines of a balanced life. If he saw us overeating, he would say, "Don't be a glutton!" He was always right even when pride said he was wrong.  

Truth applied correctly is effectual. 

The plight of our society is self-indulgence. Sacrifice, discipline, and restraint are words that present ideas and are no longer the norm. Lift your chin and open your eyes. “See” the numbers of men and women who carry too much weight. Health is important and so is your image. If it were not, then walk around covered in a plastic leaf bag and drop fast food and donuts into the opening.

Food choices make life easier. Without discipline, we face more than choices. We have ourselves to look at in the mirror. What we do in moderation, our children will do in excess.

As a parent, your children will learn in proportion to your example. What you fill your fridge and mouth with will determine what your children consider normal and acceptable behavior. They love us and desire to learn and be the best they can be. There are exceptions. On the other hand, most parents want the best for their kids, and it may just be time to consider working toward a balanced mind and body.

You often make life harder for your children in making life easier for you.

One needs to eat moderately and practice self-control. There are too many shallow characters living in an age wired for sound and the sounds are ominous. Overeating satisfies the flesh only. It is short-lived and the effect over time is nothing more than disappointment and powerlessness.  

The various elements of an Executive Presence include one's overall posture and appearance. Good posture pivots on controlling body fat. It is not an easy arena. Yet ignoring the problem compounds the issue and sets everyone back.

If you seek a promotion, I would consider your overall representation. Shallow perhaps, yet the discipline required to harness the appetite is akin to the various disciplines required to maintain presence as an Executive or Professional. I am not suggesting this is the sum total of one's position and productivity. Still, we cannot ignore this obvious aspect.

Food does not control us. We control food and losing weight begins with a decision - a resolve to discipline the mind and appetite every day.

I have a link that will take you to an article written by the Diabetes Association in Australia. The information is enlightening and sharing it seemed like a good step. Do you realize how food portions have changed in twenty-years? Once you click onto the link go to Portion Distortion I. This link will take you to a series of questions. Our family took the test and tweaked our grazing habits.

Discipline in the Greek language is a learner. The goal is to keep learning. We are all a work in progress.

As a Corporate Trainer, I am passionate about transferring information that will ignite and inform others to achieve their personal best. Establishing your ideal weight and setting goals to improve your posture and appearance will provide you with more than a great image. Your confidence will increase and so will your opportunities.

Set the example = Be the example

I remember listening to a Keynote speaker in a conference several years ago. She introduced her new book on getting in shape. There was something odd about her persona. The words coming out of her mouth lacked credibility. Why would I follow her role model when clearly the principles were practically ineffective? She was very overweight.

Until next time, count the cost before you toss food into your mouth. If you cannot control your appetite, I would seriously consider taping your lips shut until you break the habit. Overindulgence is a stronghold. Why let food control you?

In finishing, an effective statement I often use:
Little Tweaks = BIG CHANGES

Start with your portion control followed by your food choices. Experience success in two small tweaks and you will enjoy big changes in your mind and motivation.

Want the best because you are the best!

Deborah Choma
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