Thursday, May 30

World's Most Beautiful Women

"The world's most
beautiful women have...
a humble home
and lifestyle."


✔ Smile
✔ Serve
✔ Sensor

It has taken me years to assimilate the following statement: A woman of strength [humble] [patient] [discerning] is internally strong. This reinforces her for battle.

However, a strong woman,
[arrogant] [impatient] [random] consistently confirms her external defense strategy. Unfortunately, post-battle; the dust settles, her props are gone, and the strong woman is visibly weak.

As a woman of strength and a graduate from the "School of Hazard-Knocks," I know this to be true.

Not being a strong woman shows strength of character.

Be humble and let God lift you up. Humble beginnings have a sense of traditional charm.

Proverbs 29:23 says that "A man's [woman's] pride shall bring him [her] low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit."

Quite simply put, those that think to gain respect by lifting up themselves above their rank, by looking high, talking big, appearing fine, and applauding themselves, will on the contrary expose themselves to contempt, lose their reputation, and provoke God by humbling providence to bring them down and lay them low.

On the contrary, with the humble their humility is their honor. Like a laser, truth highlights their greatness and this alone recommends them to the esteem of the wise and good.

Until next time, why don't you start your humble beginning - today?

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