Thursday, May 2

How To Be Likable

Make yourself a coffee or tea, we are diving in deep...

I was taught to understand and appreciate my feet were made of clay. Furthermore, one must never expose their clay feet to the wrong elements. Warm water molds clay whereas dry heat bakes and eventually breaks clay.
Likable people are synonymous with warm water running over clay feet.

Carpenters are creative geniuses. Bare hands and the right tools create such beauty. I use to smell the different hardwoods in my father's workshop and run my hand along the magnificent grains. He would talk about sandalwood and the scent of sandalwood lopped in the Australian forests. I still smell it as I am writing.

Your own story may strike a chord in the aroma of likable people.

My own heritage was carved through a father who developed his knowledge using his hands and now I continue to develop my knowledge using my hands in another way. Our knowledge holds hands in the bed of our emotion (soul). The passion for what we love simply drives us to produce.

Likable people create beauty with their hands; gesturing, carving, painting, demonstrating, digging, and doing good. Likable people leave an unforgettable legacy and are often unnoticed until their time on earth has passed. Their likability remains and continues to develop in the lives of those who came under their influence.

What am I trying to say? Likable people leave a fragrance wherever they go. You cannot see, touch, or comprehend why you like them so much. The experience of being in the presence of a likable person is simply enough. The qualities that make them so likable seem to linger, much like the ancient sandalwood tree or warm water trickling over clay.

Remember the alabaster box filled with fragrance and poured over the head of Jesus?

Likable people often live discreet unassuming lives, yet their influence is profound.


✔ L = Leap into their world and out of yours
✔ I = Incorporate others who may be around
✔ K = Kind gesturing and smile often
✔ A = Applicable words and responses
✔ B = Behave suitably to your environment
✔ L = Listen. Everyone is your teacher
✔ E = Esteem the person's value. Compliment them often

✔ D = Demonstrate interest through your words and gestures
✔ O = Observe needs. Allow this to effectuate your behavior
✔ S = Serve others with sincerity

Until next time...being likable is achievable for anyone. Start today!


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