Tuesday, May 7

Corporately Minded and Blinded

As a corporate trainer being corporately minded fits much like a ballet shoe on a ballerina. However, one risks the erosion of living a life corporately blinded.

What do I mean?

Corporate leader, executive, diplomat, or Dunkin Donut manager;

"...you can be the best
at what you do and lose the heartbeat of who you are." 

I was reminded today of how little things matter in the big picture. My mind races a thousand miles an hour in planning and preparing to train multiple executives. It is easy to be absorbed in the corporate side of daily living. It is easy for YOU to be absorbed with your passions and those little things that you deem as important.

Our son was leaving for school this morning and I was cutting fresh strawberries as he brushed his teeth and combed his hair. When he walked to the back door and turned for a kiss, I held up a strawberry cut into the shape of a heart. As I transferred the fruit I said, "I heart you."

A split second created an indelible mark on a flesh heart.

Then I raised the blinds to wave goodbye. Through the glass of a car into the glass of a home, I joined my fingers, turned my hands upside down, and created a heart on my chest. In silence, I spoke eloquence.

Little things matter. The difference between being absorbed with YOU and embracing an opportunity to make a difference to SOMEONE ELSE, is akin to a turkey and an eagle.

When you over focus on YOU, you will under focus on OTHERS and the beauty of little things remains uncultivated.

Others are important and so is your emotional well-being.

If in the hub of life you have drifted from this, I would encourage you to rewire and reconnect. Living your life focusing on YOU is synonymous to being a turkey on the ground and forfeiting a mountaintop, soaring like an eagle.Consider this: LITTLE TWEAKS = BIG CHANGES

Until next time...take time to pause and consider how you can tweak the little things and create time for what really are the big things.


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