Friday, May 10

Motherless Day

Mother’s Day is a time where a lot of us get together and enjoy our children. My husband and son are collaborating to create an unforgettable Mother’s Day for me.

During preparations for this coming Sunday, we would do well to combine our attention toward children of all ages who have lost their mother in the last twelve months.

In the midst of writing programs this morning, the Holy Spirit pierced my heart for these motherless children.

I remember it all too well and whilst I have healed and grown on to becoming a mother myself, the scars remind me of the lessons God specifically designed for me to pass onto our next generation. In effect, I am a generational warrior for motherless children.

At nine-years of age, my mother passed away after a five-year battle with an acute heart disease. She spent most of her last five years in a Heart Hospital in Sydney, Australia. Between the ages of four and nine, I learned to cook, clean, and work very hard. Yet each birthday, Christmas, and in particular Mother’s Day, I was faced with a notable motherless status. I never felt sorry for myself. Life was too busy and we were doing the best we could in picking up the pieces after the death of a mother. My father made every effort to create fun and adventure. However, for the most part, I was a little girl longing for a mother.

Motherless children are a very real part of our church and community. Can you imagine the impact of us banding together and doing something decent and kind for these individuals? It does not have to be big and expensive. It just has to be the act of kindness that connects your heartstrings to theirs.

We have so much. Even when we have less—we have our mother.

Kind and loving deeds are both elements of etiquette. You exemplify an act of kindness when you create a special moment for a person who has experienced the recent death of a loved one. Our deeds are eminent when our lives align with God’s Word. Compassion that makes a difference costs in time and often money. The Bible describes this as an act of worship.

Reveal your heart by what you do and how you live.

We ought to be helping the motherless this Mother’s Day. What a splendid opportunity to embrace the lesson for our children and uncover an awareness of others. When we are wrapped up in our own lives we fail to lift our eyes and observe the little things that we can do that create big changes in a person’s life.

I have made a decision to start a tradition this year in our family. We are going to create a moment in the life of at least two motherless children on Sunday and give them a taste of the love of God during their tender time.

Until next time…I encourage you to consider the life of a child who has lost their mother in the last twelve months. As a motherless child for many years, I testify to this simple act of kindness making all the difference to a child.

A card, a gift, or a cookie wrapped
and tied with a bow,
will sweeten up the life of a child
more than you know.

Happy Mother's Day!

All My Love,


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