Thursday, May 9

Are You a Kathy Complainer?

Complaining, in my opinion, is all about the "I."

"I deserve better!"
"I cannot believe..."
"I had arranged for...and you..."
"I had hoped that you would..."

And so forth. 

On complaining, one must consider mankind's innate tendency to reject the humanness of men and women. Quite simply, things go wrong

Complaining your way
to get your way
is never the way
to lead the way.

A true leader will lead and instruct by example. Very rarely do others deliberately wrong us. One must consider this before thinking the worst.

Complaining is synonymous with a homemade tart. Enough or not enough sweetener affects both the cook and the consumer.

Moreover, most of us are unaware of how much we actually complain in a day.

I would encourage you to create a mental complaint list and take inventory on your words. Whining is not always obvious. An excuse for making life uncomfortable for others is always legitimate [to us]. Whenever you experience frustration, consider pressing pause on what you say and how you usually say it.

The hand of considerate respect will open more doors of opportunity.

Until next time... exercise a humble stance toward a profiting solution for everyone concerned. We all have what it takes to make or break a person's day.

Deborah Choma

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