Thursday, May 16

The Success of Failure

"The only time you truly fail is when you fail to get back up." - Dr. Brad Strand

It has been wisely said, if you want to hit home runs, then you've got to be willing to strike out."

For example:

Thomas Edison, once called a dunce by one of his teachers, became the most successful inventor of all time.

Albert Einstein, who flunked math, became the most successful mathematician of all time.

Abraham Lincoln, who failed at almost everything he tried in life and even had a nervous breakdown, became the most successful President this nation has ever elected.

Walt Disney, who went broke seven times, and also had a nervous breakdown, became the most successful movie producer ever.

Henry Ford, who was broke at the age of forty, became the most successful automobile builder ever.

There would not be enough time and patience to share my failures. However, one of the biggest roadblocks that held up progress was wasting time trying to get back what was clearly taken away.

Deborah Choma did not fail. She merely found 20,000 ways that did not work.

It is no disgrace to fail; it is only a disgrace to do less than your best to keep from failing.

Dear Graduate,

            You are beginning a road to a bright future with some failures. This is life. Without failure, you will never experience the stuff that makes you unique. Failure is the fuel injection in a broken down engine. Until you turn the key, you will never experience the success of trying. Failure is the iron in your muscles. The more you flex failure, the more you build strength, and confidence.

There are two crucial components to a bicep called failure - "MADE IT!"

Until next time, I encourage you with this; be careful not to waste your life looking over your shoulder of regret. It is important to learn from your mistakes but not to sit on the pause button. There is simply not enough time. Your life is worth living!

Make it!

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