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Gum Diminishes Our Appeal

Times may have changed, but courtesy never goes out of style. 

As a rule, gum chewing opposes a professional image and is inconsistent with a goal of aligning yourself with maturity. It is impolite to pop gum in the company of others. The gum chewer looks unattractive and unknowingly creates sound effects that are impolite.

I was raised in a family where chewing gum was ruled out of our home. My Father disliked the habit and likened it to sheep chewing cud on our Uncle’s farm. I would have to agree. My Father took care of his image, was hard working, and never succumbed to chewing gum. I admired and respected his ways and never had to wonder why he was chewing or spitting gum on the sidewalk.

Chewing gum diminishes our appeal.

If you aspire to excel in your executive presence, then gum must disappear in corporate settings, social gatherings, or standing opposite the person at the checkout line. 

More women chew gum than men. Gum is not good for weight loss! It can refresh your mouth for a short time and deter you from eating. However, it does not contribute to weight loss in any shape.
A year ago, I had major shoulder surgery. You may ask what this has to do with gum. Well, it has nothing to do with gum. However, being immobile gave rise to personal evaluation. I kept a journal and wrote specific thoughts down as they surfaced during my recovery. A year out of action provides time for introspection. There were areas in my life that needed tweaking. The behavior in itself was not necessarily bad. This is what I uncovered; collectively the little things do matter. For instance, staying up late affects your productivity. Going to bed at a decent hour gives your body the rest and recovery it needs to embrace the next day. When we stay up late, it leaves us drained and disempowered. Tired men and women do not jump to it and get the job done.
Gum chewing lowers the IQ of a person.
There are a lot of men and women who do not think twice about popping a stick of gum in their mouth. In fact, their mouths are constantly in motion chewing gum. This is their distinctive mark. The expensive suit or outfit goes unnoticed when a man or a woman demonstrates a synchronized skill of talking, chewing, teeth-impressions, and mouth movements that are hard to keep up with.

People who chew gum are often unaware of the impression they make on others.

In an article written by, they revealed gum ingredients that you may or may not have considered.

  • Gum contains the lanolin found in skincare products. It softens up your hands and your chewing gum.
  • Lanolin is the oily secretion found in sheep wool. Every time you chew, you are chewing the extract from sheep sweat.
  • Farmers dip sheep into insecticides on the farm. These pesticides accumulate in fat tissue. These key lanolin ingredients are stored in the oily fat secretions of a sheep.

Interesting find!

I am not against gum chewing in the privacy of your car, home, or anytime you are not in conversation with someone on the phone or in person. This narrows chewing down. When you are tempted to pop a piece of gum in your mouth, consider the following:

Where are you?
Who is in your company?
Will chewing gum affect your professional image?
Is gum chewing for or against the image you desire?

There is a principle behind spending time on an article downing gum; questioning habits and evaluating the “extras” in your life that sabotage an executive presence and a polished edge. I pose another question: “What affect does gum chewing have on your image and the impression that others have of you?” This leads us to examine our habits and lifestyle.

Men and women that develop themselves both personally and professionally will often assess their lives and begin to make appropriate changes. I have never met a person that does not want to challenge certain aspects of their own life that they know will benefit their future goals and expectations. I am the first one in line to adjust the dial in my own life.

Little tweaks  = BIG CHANGES

Your blueprint or innate design, is exquisite. You are a work of art and your development is perpetually in motion. You have the ability to stretch further than a piece of gum or any other habit that has the potential of diminishing your personal best. I am not suggesting that you give gum up entirely. What I propose is that you examine the effect it has on your work or home environment and on others. It is not about us!

Etiquette is about making others feel comfortable in any given situation and there are many alternatives to freshening breathe without…snapping, blowing, popping, or chewing

Being gum-free is a simple tweak toward eliminating habits that otherwise hinders your personal and professional image. Don't get hung up on what you have to give up. Focus on giving up the various elements that possibly reduce your impact and personal best. As we free ourselves, we heighten our awareness of others.

Thinking of others and your environment will provide you with the wisdom you need. The decision to refrain from chewing gum requires good sense. Retraining your mind in the small things has a favorable affect on your overall behavior. Not forgetting, it's all relative. Not all gum chewing is bad. Use your discretion.

Until next time, how do you feel about gum chewing in public? Have you stopped to consider what impact it has on your appearance?

Who we are is more important than what we have.

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