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Battle of The Bulk

It takes a keen sense of style and skill to uncover and excel in one's image. The following three tips will improve not just your presence; they will improve your personal appearance.

Sense and style are the skills around the corner for you to discover.

Only you can change your appeal.

Extend your mind toward learning the amazing art of confident living. You do not have to wait to lose weight. Embrace the tweaks and begin your best impression now. How you rate yourself matters. Accurate or not, once you define your level of confidence this will then provide you with the determination to reach your 5-star rating

Polish your appearance and you will uncover the "wow" now!

Tip 1: One-color from Head to Hem

While you eat your way to health, let’s work on the visual.

Choose one color from head to toe. A one-color suit or one-color separates will slim you down. Visually, choosing garments that are uniform in color will create an illusion and elongate your figure. You will look longer and leaner.

Extending color transcends style.
The compliments will come.
Thin without the gym.

Tip 2: Handbags not Shoulder Bags

Would you like to look instantly slimmer? Then change your “shoulder” bag to a “hand” bag. Shoulder bags are often large and bulky with your bits and business. A shoulder bag usually lands at the hip area. This formula alone will add inches to a location you never imagined.

The good news is that a bag with a “handle” will eliminate the hump. A shoulder bag is the unwelcomed weight to an overall appearance. A welcomed addition will be a handbag. This will provide you with a “pulled together” look that speaks "polished." This change alone will bring the balance and add value to your image.

The easy way is to change your bag. You will instantly lose weight and look chic.

Tip 3: Fabrics not Bits

Choose fabrics conducive to drape and shape. Avoid Bouclé, Bobbles, and Bulk. These are the bits that make or break the balance you need for an impeccable image. Rather, choose garments that are well made and made well for your body shape.

Wool crepe is kind and a fabric you invite home as a best friend hanging around your wardrobe. It is good for the curves and compliments those with more curves. Other great fabrics are gaberdine and a high-grade microfiber. Before marrying your clothes to your collection, examine the fabric's character and fiber. Evaluate its compatibility with your concern for a balanced appearance. You do not want to reverse the effect of streamlining your overall image. Soft fabrics flatter heavier figures. However, pay attention to the fit. Snug fitting clothes emphasize shape. The key is to de-emphasize.

Bulk in garments = Bulk in Appearance

We are all a work in progress. Start with the little tweaks and you are well on your way to BIG CHANGES.

Until next time, ask questions; it is the universal language that everyone understands. We all desire an ideal weight and to learn the skills for an improved style.

Remember, we are all a work in progress and you are amazing!

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