Friday, August 8

Beauty Behind the Veil

During the excessive unsure times in life, we can be used extensively.

I was reminded this morning that God works MORE in ways we do not see than in ways we do - and we have no way of knowing it.

God’s hand in the history of His Word demonstrates this element of mystique. He works behind the scenes of the unseen. There is beauty behind the veil of your vulnerability.

It’s delightful to be in control and have things in order. It reminds me of Pringle potato chips, each chip undisturbed and in order. What happens when nothing goes the way you planned, your attempts are futile, and the chips of your life lay in pieces at the bottom of the bag?

Look up when life is difficult. God never stops working. Unlike us, He works tirelessly and overtime.

He knows your despair - He "gets it!"

There is a trail of personal stories penned through my own suffering and struggles. I understand despair. I also know that our God is good even when everything appears bad.

Remind yourself that God has the solution. He orchestrated your superb life. All the twists and turns, every pothole, all the damage on the highway of living is on the radar of His control tower.

God is a restorer. He will heal the disrepair. He is in control. Doing more than we will ever know or see elevates His sovereignty on stilts and accredits His glory, not ours.

God is using your life in ways you cannot imagine. He is also moving the pieces of our needs; spiritual, physical, emotional, financial. You do not need a plan for assurance. God indeed masterminded your individual life’s design and we are the object of His affection and attention.

It is elementary; problems and an ambiguous perspective hold hands in heartache. Solidified is the purpose and future of your precious life. He uses it all!

We have a diminished view during unsure times. Not everything is as it seems. There are no absolutes when the picture is unclear. God has not completed the landscape of your life. Let Him do the artwork.

Clarity builds confidence and that is why we oppose difficult times. We resist the heat from a lack of control in the fire.

God is in control - let go!

Is there a heavy fog in the forefront of your mind? God needs to make Himself clear and move undetected. Figuratively, if you stand waste high in murk, aligning yourself with God's methods will procure His favor.

Do you have a Christian presence? Conform to His image and you will.

Conduct under pressure is a precursor to growth and blessings.
The obscurity in your own life is a clear well that others will drink from.

In disrepair or disheartened,

✔ His mercy is new each day
✔ You are loved
✔ He will not abandon you
✔ You are not on your own

I developed this devotion after several sessions with different women this week, worn out and weary from pushing through unbelievable circumstances.

Please read Psalm 34:8, then close your eyes and repeat, "O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him." You will taste!

Do not miss a drop of God’s goodness. Look up and open your mouth. He is about to part the clouds and shower His blessings. Keep looking up.

On a side note:

Help the hurting and those in need. Cook a meal – just because you can. Give cash – just because you can. “For God so loved the world that He gave…” God is a giver and He is our supreme example.

It's great to say, "I'm praying for you." Complete your prayers with a tangible act of kindness. Every little thing matters to the person in need - everything! Open your hand wide. You cannot out give God.

Like beads on a string, a single bead completes the circle. Your bead of doing something represents a thread of hope. Your actions complement our authentic Saviour. One less utility disconnected, stability rather than eviction from a home, food for a family - do something! Many, many, many are in need.”

Pride, the impostor in our need, will revoke blessings. Allow yourself to be real. Truth sets us free. The ugly of discontentment must not hang out. Be transparent not distasteful. Talk to a godly person not a gossip. A character known for a good story lacks character. They are not the friend a tender heart needs. Necessitate ministering not mistreatment.

Pride has no place in appropriating God's blessings. Get low in your altitude and attitude. Kneel to pray and be real when you pray. God already knows.

Open your arms to believing and receiving.

From the Heart of Deborah Choma

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