Friday, April 1

My Tears

"...Wilt thou be made whole?" John 5:6b

  • I'm an ordinary woman living an extraordinary life. It's not difficult to come to this conclusion, when your life hangs in the balance of God's mercy and strength for each day.
I know God desires for me is to fulfill my purpose and transfer wisdom onto the next generation of women. Fifty-Seven times more than anything else I have written, people from all over the world have sought information on Depression. People want answers and with all the available information, Depression is on the increase. Mind altering drugs are not the solution! Technology is advancing all the time. At an alarming rate, new Anti-Depressants and Mood Stabilizers are coming onto the market, yet they address the symptoms and do not pin point the cure.

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical Anti-Depressants further compound the Depression, and in some cases, there is irreversible organ and brain damage. For each specific drug, there are multiple side effects.

Has it ever occurred to you, that if depression is at an all time high in women of this generation, what will the statistics reveal in the next generation? Our responsibility ought to encompass what we leave behind for others to benefit from.

We are not merely on this earth to live the life of a sea sponge. If God wanted us to be self-absorbed, we would live at the bottom of the ocean. What this generation needs are godly people to instruct our children and young people with the knowledge they will need to not repeat the patterns of Depression and Narcissism.

God, who created Heaven and Earth, is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He created the first man and woman. He created everything on this earth. He is able to heal the broken hearted, and He is able to heal your mind! Very often, we have not because we ask not.

The only 'guaranteed to work 100% or your insanity back' Anti-Depressant on the market, is called "OTHERS!"

There is so much ground to cover in the field of depression, but it all brings us back to the same conclusion, the solution is in living for others not ourselves!

A solution so simple yet sophisticated in its long term results. It's too basic for our stubborn, modern, advanced, reactive, proud, and educated ears. None of us want to admit that we are basically selfish and full of pride. A great daily figuartive exercise that would enable us to reset our thoughts and embrace the day with truth, would be found in this phrase; I admit that "I AM PROUD AND SELFISH!"

There are a high percentage of women, who allow themselves to accept bad patterns of thinking, and like a perpetual treadmill, they never jump off and embrace good exercising for their brain. What's good for our brain is the Word of God, Bible based preaching, and walking with wise women who have a living testimony of their own balanced life. Plug into truth!

When we reach this milestone in the Christian life, we are able to move onto establishing our steps for the day. I ask God for His mercy and truth continuously.

For the most part, we make provision for our flesh to believe the lies we use to convince ourselves that we're OK. The litmus test is in our tongue. At the root of every critical word about someone else is a self-condeming statement, "I'm right, you're wrong. I'm good, you're bad!"

It's not OK to talk about others behind their backs. What we say shines the spotlight on how wicked our heart really is. When I feel my feet slipping into the shoes of criticism, I very quickly make a decision to be a blessing to that lady.

This is transferred through my words either directly to the person, on a card I may send them, or through an act of kindness that I know will bring encouragement into their lives. Why do I do this? Because I desperately need it and so do you! In addition, it transmutes self onto "Others."

I'd like to recap what I wrote 2-years ago in my article "Tears In A Bottle." Necessary Supplements for Depression

  1. Prayer - He is the Creator of our brain. He numbers and knows intimately, all our thoughts. The garbage we believe about failure and hopelessness is documented by the Creator of our mind. "Thou tellest my wonderings..." He places our prayers like rose-petals between the pages of His book of remembrance. "...are they not in thy book?" Yes they are! When at last the volume is open, our precious fragrance will spring forth! Our prayers are sweet to Him! Prayers are instantly noticed in Heaven!

  2. Others - We were created to glorify God in everything we do. Embracing this truth will release the strongholds of Depression. It's not about us!

"Dear Father, Forgive me for ignoring wisdom for so long. Help my unbelief, and shine your light of truth into my heart. Give me your wisdom. You promise me that you not just hear my cries, but that you catch my tears. Thank you for loving me so much and for what the cross represents. Step-by-step, as I read your Word, increase my knowledge and shine the light of truth on my thoughts. Bless me with clear direction for my life. Be merciful to me. Refresh and renew my spirit with your knowledge and truth. Place a hedge of protection around my thoughts and my goings this day. I pray for strength as I take one day at a time. Show me who I can be a blessing to today Lord? Guide me and create in me a fresh perspective on my life and purpose. Fill me with your guiding Spirit and cleanse my thoughts today. I need you and I invite you to enable me to become everything I was created to be." Amen

When we walk in the Spirit each day, God will give us others to think about. What I mean by this statement, is that, at any given time during the day, the name of another woman will pop into your mind. You didn't think of it - God gave you the thought! Just this week, the Holy Spirit placed a lady on my heart and I wrote her a card of encouragement as follows;

Dear .......,

I have prayed for you and your husband every day this week, that God would give you grace and strength for each day. As I spent time in my Bible this morning, a verse popped out and grabbed my heart: "The impotent man answered, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me. Jesus saith unto him, rise, take thy bed, and walk." John 5:7,8

There are times in my life when I have said in my heart, "This is hopeless!" My efforts seemed fruitless. What a picture of being at Mercy's Gate! When it seems that all hope is gone, remind yourself that He's just a prayer away. Hold on and persevere! God will Divinely meet your need. He never fails! Just as the man lay helplessly at the pool for thirty-eight years, waiting for the Angel to move the waters; at a certain season, one afflicted person had one opportunity for one season. The odds were against the impotent man. Jesus met him in his affliction, minus the Angel and the pool. The solution was supernatural!

I never like the squeeze placed on me by my circumstances, especially when they are beyond our means. But our Saviour proves me over and over, that what I can't do - He can! I love you..... God Bless You and Your Husband."

As I posted my letter, I was reminded of how there is always someone out there who needs encouraging. The love of God is transferred when we gift others with our words. If you have suffered from Depression for any length of time, I pray that God will break through the chains of your sorrow, and shine hope into your heart. He is able - are you willing?

I love you and I believe in you!


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