Wednesday, June 5

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The skills of a style update and style sense are available for anyone to learn. All you need is a willingness to polish your appearance.

Improving your image can be achieved at any stage in life and is a decision that only you can make.

Our shape is innate. However, more often than not, a person’s natural shape is hard to determine. Excess weight and a vague dress sense make it difficult for many women to determine the dos and don’ts of a polished appearance.

I will help you uncover your personal best – now! It is important to work with what you have and not wait until you have something to work with. You may never discover your best.

We all love to feel good about ourselves. So where do we start?
Simple…we start with the ABC's of a personal best. This includes the elements of a woman's shape and style.

The first pillar for polishing your personal best is your foundation. Understanding your innate shape will unlock the door to explore every aspects of improving your image.

As a trainer, I start low and take it slow. The five key elements of a person's innate shape are Hourglass, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, and Tube.

Your shape is your foundation for fashion, fabrics, and finesse. 

The first of our five-shapes is the Hourglass. Systematically, you will learn how to determine your shape then define your style. Using these elements, I will teach you a part of what I train on during the Teaching and Training Tutorial. 

Please come and enjoy uncovering your shape and discovering your beautiful style.

Stay tuned..

Deborah Choma
Corporate Trainer | Conference Speaker
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