Thursday, June 13

Creating Balance - Uncovering Business

The following format was developed after years of studying color, design, and the collective elements that formulate one's personal appearance. Basically, it comes down to this:

20-Points for Polisha system for balance that ensures style. Anything else can be beautiful.
However, we want beautifully balanced.

From couture to color, accessories to accents, begin totaling the elements of your personal image.

Each element = 1 point

So, begin with your toes and start counting. Calculate color for balance.

Let's Begin...

✔ 1-color shoes = 1pt
✔ 1-color hosiery = 1pt
✔ 1-color skirt = 1pt
✔ 2-color top = 2pt
✔ 1-color jacket = 1pt
✔ 2-color hair = 2pt
✔ 4-color makeup; lipstick, eyes, mascara, foundation = 4pts
✔ 4-color jewelry; bracelet, necklace, ring, earrings = 4pts
✔ 1-color nails = 1pt
✔ 1-color belt = 1pt
✔ 1-color handbag = 1pt

Total Points = 19

Now it's the "wow!"

No one wants to be a walking sideshow. Make your first impression a lasting impression. Balance will bring focus to the face and your authentic smile.


Until next time, please ask questions. We are a work in progress!

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