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Wardrobe Success

Plan and prepare for your wardrobe success. Be specific and create a budget for clothes. Prepare to complete your seasonal wardrobe. You will perpetuate far more than unplanned and unprepared men and women ever will.

According to research, 95% of men and women live their life in increments of random acts. The majority aimlessly makes choices that otherwise require diligence and wisdom. Living by random acts of emotional impulse is a whole lot of unplanned behavior.

Spontaneous living is great for an ice cream at the beach. However, it equates to poor time management and your goals continually sabotaged through a pattern of directionless thinking.

Preparation and planning will stretch your dollar
and develop your sense of style along the way
to a polished and completed wardrobe.

Wardrobe Assessment

1. Complete the Incomplete

Start accessing your current garments. What are your favorite pieces? Are you able to create three outfits from one piece by adding a different top that will enhance or change the look altogether? Begin with your favorite item of clothing and pull colors together that you have never tried. Play for a bit. Now you can start to eliminate clothing options and narrow it down to the pieces that you simply have nothing to go with.

Now create a list:

  • Favorite skirt - no top
  • Least favored skirt - gift to Goodwill

Arm yourself with two labeled bags. One bag marked the good and the other bag marked good for Goodwill.

2. Vision and Mission

Now you have eliminated those unused garments which are a waste in your wardrobe. We can now begin to optimize the balance of your clothes. Visualize what you would like to add that would complete an outfit.

  • Black top to complete A,B,C and create X,Y,Z for 1,2,3 outfits
  • Pink jacket to complete A,B,C to create X,Y,Z for 1,2,3 outfits

3. Style Specifics

An important element of creating a workable wardrobe requires your careful consideration. Be thinking about what you need for specific occasions. Is your dress code primarily casual or is it business attire? Decide where you should increase or decrease your selections.

  • What is the occasion - casual, dressy-casual, business
  • What is the need - skirt, dress, top, suit, jacket etc

For example:

Occasion: Casual
Need: Tea length black shirt

Occasion: Dressy casual
Need: Long khaki skirt

Occasion: Dressy
Need: Black dress

We will begin a tutorial on dressing for your shape next week. In the meantime,

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

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