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The Dawn of A First Class Lady

As a guest writer, I have embraced the opportunity to write with excitement and gratitude.

Deborah is a woman of God, blessed with a unique and powerful gift. She has a special grace to pen modern-day parables that astound and amaze. Her poetic style of composition is unique to a woman who is divinely inspired. God has obviously gifted and distinctively favored Deborah with articulation that is both authentic and transforming.

Thank you for your “welcome mat” to this prized community Deborah.

As a reader, I am excited for you to gather inspiration, encouragement, and the reward of collective wisdom that is falling like summer rain from the pages of this amazing blog.

A bit of background:

I have a rich thirty-year experience as a speaker, consultant, trainer, mentor, and writer. All my work is enriched and highlighted through the counsel of God and His Word. As we align ourselves to enhance, polish, and inspire God’s women to be their Eternal best, it is our passion and heart’s desire that you develop into the magnificent women that God intends you to be on this earth. 

He wants you to be His personal best.

In part, we uncover the significance of a woman’s image as we read Song of Solomon 6:10, “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners?”

Who is the woman in this verse? Her WOW factor turned heads and caused people to take notice. Her image and presence is very distinctive - unlike any other woman; her appearance described as the dawn, moon, sun, and an army with banners.

Figuratively, she raised a flag with her conspicuous beauty.

God intends for the life of every Christian woman to be graciously alluring and distinctively melodious. In fact, He wrote a song for you with breathtaking and awe-inspiring lyrics. The words in Song of Solomon demonstrate how attracted and in love King Solomon was with this woman. Both her internal and external beauty radiated. She was a first-class lady.

The Hebrew translation is concise, with imagery for this beautiful verse. Synonymous with an “army with banners,” this simply means that her conspicuous beauty raised a flag much like you would see in an army. By design she was both tastefully and dazzlingly obvious.

God has this in mind for us all. As His creation we are to represent His supreme nature, appearance, fortitude, tenacity, prudence, and perceptiveness.

Are you as refreshing as the dawn? Is your splendor as striking as the moon? Does your presence warm the enemy? Are you convinced of your majesty—that you have Christ in you, the hope of glory?  Are you conspicuous; a woman that others look up to? Moreover, is your confidence eclipsed through what the television dictates as the standard for beauty?

The first-class lady is the woman spoken of in the Song of Solomon. The imagery in this verse details her life as powerful in presence like the sun, moon, and a red flag waving in an army of individuals. She is the object of King Solomon’s affection and attention. Any man would turn his head twice to look at her. Her smile is authentic; refreshing as dawn, with a radiance that warms like the sun’s rays.

The qualities of a First-Class Lady

  • She embodies a Christ-like image
  • She is one who manages her appearance and knows how to wear attractive clothes that reflect a godly image
  • She balances her makeup with her overall appearance
  • She is aware of her voice pitch; never loud or boisterous
  • She does not criticize or put others down. Rather, she is respectful
  • The inflection of her voice emphasizes kindness and character
  • She is conscious of her words and strings them together like the work of art she is
  • She understands that both life and death lay in the power of the tongue
  • She commands the right kind of attention

You have the ability to make a positive impression on others. Our influence is magnetic when we learn to balance these elements and when we embrace being polite and kind.

Here are some practical word tips:

“I admit I made a mistake.”
“You did a good job.”
“What is your opinion?”
“Yes, please.”
“Thank you.”

The least important word is “I.”

All of us fall short of the glory of God. Our best intentions are often our downfall and filled with the “I” in disrespect.

I encourage you with a wonderful truth. God’s grace is sufficient. There are multiple articles in this blog that will help you reach your goals. You can begin the journey of being a first-class lady now.

God wants this for you and so do I.

I can imagine the heart’s song of a first class lady being nothing less than “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

In closing, I dedicate this article to our daughter, Melissa Dawn, who will be 36 on June 22. I named this article, "The Dawn of A First Class Lady," due to the splendor of light when she emerged into our lives at birth. "We love you Dawn. You are indeed a first class lady." 

Reflecting His Beauty,

Brenda Johnson
Guest Writer

Deborah Choma
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